Tuesday, November 27, 2012


1-Thanksgiving was the best ever. I tried to take pictures, but once the food started piling up and people started arriving, I put the camera down. I wanted to be more in the moment with the food and humans than with my camera settings. My cousin and her husband came up from VA, my parents from SC and two military families who have become some of our very best friends. I was so glad my mom was here to help me. She kept me calm and the meal went off without a hitch.

2-School yesterday was the worst ever. Coming off a holiday weekend, with the trip to SC/NC the week before was a disaster. We had some catching up to do and the positive attitudes just weren't there. The kids were turds, I responded, Sean stepped in to save the day. Threats were made, rewards were lost, and the highlight of my day was hearing Felix grump out, "I'm praying for a new family tonight." I had so many clever responses pop into my head. I wisely chose to throw down my pen and leave the area. I was discussing my options with Sean, none of them realistic, when my middle one came upstairs of his own accord and hugged me. "Are you here to whine or apologize?" I asked. "Apologize," he whined. "For what, pray tell?" I urged. "For being disrespectful." SCORE. I raised my eyebrows at Sean over Feefs head and gave him a telepathic, parental high five.

3-Given my current state of incubating, alcohol could not cure my day. I opted for a trip to the grocery store alone. Given that the best Goodwill in DC is on the way to the grocery store, I decided to browse. I scored a never-been-worn pair of Keens for the oldest. He will probably refuse to wear them, knowing I saved 95% on them, but it was worth the risk. Surely, one of my boys will humor me and wear them eventually. I also scored an adorable, possibly antique, little rocking chair. I love impulse buys that only cost me $3.

4-While riding the thrift store high, I stopped at a second store en route. This one is in a less desirable location. The parking lot is pitch black and gives me the creeps even during the day. Despite my, "Uh huh," to Sean's "Be careful!" on my way out the door, I went for it. I am a ninja at heart. I spotted the creep in the kids department and moved on. He followed me around the store and I caught him staring several times. I got the icky LEAVE NOW feeling. All that to say, I should know better. I should also know better than to relay these stories to Sean. My days of thrifting after dark are over. :/ He doubts my ninja skills and doesn't listen to my, "But I'm always aware of my surroundings..."

5-We set up our Christmas tree the other day. If you follow me on Pinterest, it has become quite clear that our ornaments are gone. Lost. Didn't make the move. Funny, because that exact box of ornaments has been lost before. Luckily, the man who bought our house(in SC) where we remembered them to be, was a friend of a friend. This time...it's looking pretty hopeless. Thankfully, we're embarking on a Jesse Tree and my initial thoughts on December were to attempt an ornament a day with my three little cherubs anyway. Either way, Mr. T likes it. :)

6-Titus came with me to the craft store for ornament making stuff the other day. He became obsessed with the glitter glue and hasn't let it go since. Can't help but laugh at his requests of, "I want to make something with gluter!" Gluter...it has an appropriate-ness, no? If anyone has creative ways to use gluter, please link me up. I can't find anything that doesn't look completely ridiculous.

7-I get to have another ultrasound tomorrow! Not of the baby, but of my kidneys. A few posts back I mentioned an excruciating pain...turns out, it was a slow moving kidney stone. As I type, I feel another one. Apparently, they're better to have during pregnancy as everything is moving through the pipes at a faster rate and said pipes are dilated. Having had a kidney stone while not pregnant, I can say that argument holds some water. However, my non-preggo stone was done and over with within a day. From there, I had no residual pain or recurrence for six years! Granted, it was a doozy of a day puking, cat scans, ER, IV fluids and drugs that I could make a pretty penny for on the street. My pregnancy stone was pain off and on for a week. It wasn't as severe, but it was no picnic. TMI? Sorry, it's my blog. Only those of you who have suffered through a kidney stone(s) understand.

8-I am a mere three weeks behind on Project Life. I am not as enthusiastic about the project as I once was, but I am so glad to have kept at it. Sometimes it feels a bit chore-ish, but totally worth it in the end. I'm planning to eventually get all the weeks photographed and blogged lest my scrapbooks ever get lost in a move. :/

9-Best dessert ever. We made it for Thanksgiving and I will use it until apples go out of style. Aw, just realized the blogger has four boys. :) Kindred spirits.

10-Speaking of...I sat on Sean and made him feel my belly today. The problem with the menfolk in this house is that they are too impatient to wait on baby J to move. It may have something to do with the fact that I randomly/constantly shout out, "Quick! Come feel!" to anyone within arms reach. I happen to think the jabs from within are fascinating. Sean did point out that it seems to be all about his movements now, but once he's out, it's all about getting him not to move. 'Tis true. I wanted to share a picture of my Thanksgiving belly when I was pregnant with T vs this Thanksgiving pregnancy, but...nobody ever takes pictures of me, so...

On that glorious note, I am off to find a human to talk to. Obviously, I have a lot to say today.


Corey said...

1. So glad you had a nice thanksgiving! I didn't take any pics of ours either!
2. ugh. I sympathize! I haven't had one of those days in a while...but I'm sure it's coming!
4.We have LOTS of those areas around here. My friends all think I'm crazy b/c I go anyway. :)
5. I don't know what a Jesse tree is. Hoping to get a tree up this weekend...but it's gonna rain like crazy so who knows!
6. I love glutter! Megan still calls cat liter, 'cat glitter'. that' makes it so much more appealing. ;P
7. not TMI. I just hope they fix it so you don't get anymore! i don't know what a kidney stone feels like, but i do know what a gall stone feels like. it can't be good.
8. it is worth it. my PL has become something completely different this year and I'm ok with that. BUT next year I would like to try and get back on track with a weekly LO. We'll see. It is worth it in the end.
9. YUM!
10.I'll feel your belly LOL! :)

Jude said...

Glad you had a good thanksgiving. So sad about your ornaments though :( I am pitifully attached to ours and most of them came from the $dollar store our first year of marriage!
I love felix's little heart. those middles... :)
I cannot look at that recipe. Ok, I did. It came with a warning! 2 sticks of butter!!!
You should just mover here, then we can ninja thrift at night together. Until then, I'm with Sean ;)

Miss you!