Tuesday, November 13, 2012


1- We are officially 1/3 of the way through our school year. I guess everybody else is, too, but for some reason, it took me by surprise. I'm already perusing the catalogs, devising my plans for next year. :)

2- I'm taking a quick trip this week with the boys. It should prove to be exciting.

3- Baby boy is doing something none of the others ever did. I can only describe it as a pinched nerve that comes and goes(and makes me want to lay on the floor and die). It's painful enough that it has me attempting yoga-ish poses. Funny stuff, considering I'm not very bendy.

4- Sean is wrapping up his second semester already. ALREADY! Time is a-flyin'.

5- I am so excited for Thanksgiving!! We're hosting my parents, my cousin and husband, and two friends. It's gearing up to be an awesome Thanksgiving. Oddly enough, I'm wishing for an even bigger crowd.

6- Why I never take pictures in my room(the overwhelming RED)...19 weeks.
7- Why I never take pictures in the living room with the front door open. It's also red. GAH!...20 weeks.
8- One of Simon's entries in his Thankfulness Journal last week. I didn't have the heart to correct his present tense usage in the first few sentences. :/

9- I have to pack for our trip, yet here I sit typing and eating chocolate. 
10- I tend to pack better at the last minute, when tired and full of chocolate. 


rhonda: alpha dog said...

That Simon--so sweet!

Sarmiento Family said...

Yay! for completed school days, baby bellies, and sweet journaling. Now get packin' and come on down!

Jude said...

i love this.