Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day 2012

My pride concerning our involvement in the military runs about equal with my aggravation. Except on Veteran's Day; then it's all pride. :) I almost made it through worship this morning without crying. Until they had all the Vets stand. Even then, I kept it together. It was having to sing "I Surrender All" afterwards. Thank God they didn't blow out something on a bugle or play the National Anthem.

As Sean was(and HAS BEEN) completely unwilling to go downtown, I insisted upon pictures. I wanted to re-create a few shots from a set we took two Veteran's Days ago. 

The soldier in the house was quite unwilling when the time actually came to suit up and get outside. Added to that, I couldn't find the stinking piece that attaches my camera to the tripod. Added to that, I can't get the hang of Lightroom. Added to that, I keep accidentally hiding devices when trying to upload. I am having quite a bit of buyers remorse regarding ye olde Mac and I'm frustrated to no end that I can't figure out how to soften wrinkles, lighten blue under eyes or darken bald spots in Lightroom. 

Despite all that, I'm glad to have some happy snaps. 
 I love Felix's hand placement. As if to say, "See?"
Awkward pose brought to you by pregnant woman, dashing to and fro between a lawn chair with two bricks and a board propping up the camera while the tripod sits close by, unable to do it's job.
Is it strange that the picture already looks like a kid is missing? Right there by Felix...
The re-do of this shot...Not exactly, but close enough. Different boots, different rank, different state, different work, smaller kids, smaller waist. 

You would never guess the conversation we were having by this point in the picture taking. :) I love you, Captain.
Even when you're a terribly aggravating subject.
I cornered him for a few more shots, because I can. Simon, from above, "But I can't see your pregnant belly."
To which Sean replied, "It's your mother. She's always pregnant."
One more, because I think it's hilarious...Our parent face.

Also my, "What does 'CF card FULL' mean?" face. Sean's face was much more joyful at the news. And thus concludes our Veteran's Day.

Thank you to all the Veterans. It's so cliche, but it's one day a year you're sure to get a tiny bit of acknowledgement, even if it's just in the form of Facebook status updates and furniture sales. :)


Corey said...

i think we need to have a pow-wow regarding Macs and photo storage etc... !! I know it is frustrating. Don't you feel like you're doing extra work? like there must be an easier way?
I still have not purchased or down loaded the free trial of lightroom. But despite your woes with it...i think your photos look great. The coloring especially. Your comment about not knowing how to fix wrinkles and dark under eyes makes me think it's a good idea to still have PSE. I think there is a way to do it in lightroom though, right? Isn't there like pre-sets or something that do that?
Anyway I wish you all a very happy veterans day! Thank you Amports for your service and sacrifices!

Corey said...

PS maybe Felix has a future in game shows? he's got the Vanna White thing down! :D