Monday, December 24, 2012

Don't miss it

Church, Sunday...

The music seemed a bit off.
Our worship leader was hoarse.
The people running the power point kept missing it and the words on the screen weren't matching the words being sung.
A ton of people were late(including us!), so there just seemed to be a lot of shuffling and moving around.
There was an inordinate amount of crying babies in the crowd.
One of the basketball players from the school was sitting in front of us and my mind kept wondering, "How tall is he?!" He was that tall and I was that curious.

I was distracted, but I didn't want to miss it.

Our preacher has been in Genesis since we started attending in May. He is currently preaching from Genesis 3. Yes. He is incredibly thorough, yet he pulls things out that just make your head spin.

I will miss his preaching when we're gone. He is one of the greats. He is a D.L. Moody of the day. He is Charles Spurgeon and Paul Washer and any other name that is so genuinely a man of God that it makes one feel completely privileged to sit under his teaching week after week.

This week, he left Genesis to preach a Christmas message. The main point of it all was that most people miss the meaning of Christmas. OBVIOUSLY, that is an understatement in this day and age, but he took it back to the beginning.

The fact that when Jesus was born, they missed it. People who were eagerly anticipating a Messiah. They were looking for him and missed it. They were so completely immersed in the religion, they were God's chosen people and they MISSED IT! Our preachers point was that they missed it because God doesn't do things our way. God didn't send them a royal prince(though his lineage is royal). God didn't send a political figure or a great warrior. He didn't even send Jesus to one of the big, powerful cities, but chose podunk little Bethlehem.

He sent a baby to a teenager. And yet, He fulfilled so many prophesies regarding his birth.

Our preacher went on to illustrate that most great leaders from the Bible weren't ones man would've chosen. Moses? Didn't even want the job. Deborah, Esther, David! God uses small people to fulfill his plan.

As distracting as this time can be, I hope you don't miss it. Don't get wrapped up in the presents and parties and obnoxious colored cookies. This holiday is about one thing, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Has your soul felt it's worth?

Don't miss it. Don't miss the birth of the Savior. Don't miss the fact that Christmas is all about Easter. He was sent to this earth to face the same junk we face; the trials, the temptations, the sadness, the betrayals. Yet, He did it without sin. He faced the ultimate betrayal on the cross of Calvary for us. He faced a punishment that we deserve, but because of His sinless perfection, His sacrifice was enough. The King of Kings, salvation brings.

Don't miss it.

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