Wednesday, December 19, 2012

forgotten pictures

I'm trying to get my project life wrapped up for the year and have found so many fun pictures that never made it to the blog. I really want to get my whole 2012 album photographed and on here, just to have a back up of sorts. If that plan will make it to fruition...I dunno.

These make me laugh, though, so they are a must post for the grandparents sake.

A few weeks ago, on an "unseasonably warm day," I decided to let the hooligans do what they do best; run around and be loud. Out of doors, of course. This was the very first picture. I should've known better than to push it beyond this point.
 I took it easy, picture-wise, while my man cubs climbed and pawed their way through the forest.
This one actually wanted to pose, whilst doing semi-dangerous things like climbing to the very edge of unstable, downed trees.

Quite possibly my two favorite shots ever. Something about the colors, ripped up/grass stained knees and shoes they won't fit into for much longer.
 Felixer discovered one heck of a bug. He was eager to share with his brothers. :)

Just making sure Simon got a clear view of the bug...He had control of his big brother's head. What else was there to do but scream like a lunatic?
Good one, Feefs. I love his look of satisfaction, Simon double checking that the bug isn't actually coming after them, and Mr. T's look of complete disappointment in his brother's antics.

 "The thing was THIS BIG!"
 A brief beat down commenced, all in the name of brotherly hierarchy, of course.
As we left our favorite spot, I insisted on just one more group shot. Judging by Simon's stance, this is one in which they were threatened. "If you want to stand here taking pictures all day, keep it up," I say. They know I don't give up. :)
Despite my threats, I have one child who will purposely squint his eyes and/or start doing The Robot mid-click.
Gotta love a kids that's as determined not to take a picture as his mama is to take one. 

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Corey said...

I love them all, but I really love that last one! how much longer will S be willing to play airplanes? :(
I'm very behind on my PL...well it hardly even exists this year. I should do a blog post on it. i have a ton of pictures in it, but no journaling since mid-may. YIKES. I'm determined to go back to basics next year and get-et-done.