Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I checked the weather on my phone at 12:58p.m. Snow predicted at 1:00 pm. Sure enough, two minutes later, white rain was falling from the sky. I told the boys to get dressed in their (get this) winter gear. We even have a designated closet for our...winter gear. I am very organized about this winter weather thing, y'see. No more cowboy boots and food prep gloves doubling as snow gear. 

After five minutes of spinning in circles and alerting the neighbors once again that WE ARE SOUTHERNERS, we came to the conclusion that falling snow is pretty boring. 

He ate some.
 Decided it wasn't falling quickly enough to quench his thirst and decided to run up and down the sidewalk, catching it. :)
 Titus was game. 
 He was pretty calm about the whole thing. Unlike his oldest brother...
Who was pretending there was piles of snow on the ground and throwing himself into said piles. If he puts a hole in his brand new coat doing crap like that, it's back to cowboy boots and food prep gloves for him!

He got a flake or two in his eyeball and that was enough to convince him to chill out with the lunacy.

  Mr. T, calmly catching flakes as they fell. 
 And one of all three before tracking wetness through the house. 
Our excitement was a bit premature. After we came inside, there was a teensy bit of accumulation, but not enough for a snowball fight. Christmas Day, we got nothing, but today we woke up to an inch or two. Juuuuust enough to let me know I really, truly AM a Southerner at heart and I am absolutely terrified to drive in snow. So terrified that I have a speech in mind to give the kids about what to do if we ever get in a car wreck and I can't help them.

Hoping that goes away by the time we move to Ohio...


Corey said...

I missed so many of your blog posts :( I have been SO SICK BLAH! I love that you guys got some snow and that the kids enjoyed it so much. I'm sure it'll become 'old hat' soon ;-)
PS I love Simon's bday day pics and your PL. I seriously need to get on mine. I keep avoiding it. But I'm determined to start bright and new tomorrow :)

Jude said...

i'm so jealous you got snow... hoping we do too!