Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ten(with lots of parentheses)*

*contain material that could be omitted without destroying or altering the meaning of a sentence (in most writing, overuse of parentheses is usually a sign of a badly structured text). According to wikipedia(a site containing material that could be omitted without altering any aspect of our Universe).

1- "So are you two like best friends or what?"-the cashier asked, after telling us her life story. A happy memory that I'd like to keep. Because she is my best friend. And a best friend in South Carolina. And I have a best friend in Minnesota. And a best friend in Texas. And a best friend in California. And a best friend in North Carolina. And they are all very different people and yet they all think enough of me to tolerate me(my texts, emails, rants, and inappropriate/ill-timed sense of humor). I am a very lucky girl.

2- Sean packed a picnic Sunday and spontaneously stopped along George Washington Parkway at Turkey Run Park for lunch. It would be an amazingly beautiful place in the height of Fall. Right along the Potomac, tons of trees and walking trails. Just secluded enough for politicians to hide their lover's dead bodies. Kidding, they tend to use the park closest to our house... I commented repeatedly on the dwindling sunlight and our need to get downtown(thus starting an argument with my beloved). He mentioned that running through the woods, hunting down the perfect walking stick is what our kids actually want to do. I agreed(in my head, careful not to show my hand), but argued we can play in the woods anytime. I had an agenda and a time table and I was not wanting a picnic(quality family time) to derail it.

3- We headed downtown for the first time as a family. Despite my, "Fine, lets just go home," attitude post picnic. It was crowded and I tend to underestimate my pregnant-ness and ability to walk for miles and miles and miles. We made it to a few of the war memorials(where I was glad to be wearing sunglasses), Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial(where we educated our children on conspiracies and why some people are murdered when they speak Truth), Lincoln Memorial(where everyone is a tourist and strangers offer to take your picture, despite their ignorance of your camera equipment; we also saw a street preacher there that made me appreciate our freedom as Christians in this country.), the White House(I have too much to say about this one to put it in brackets, so I'll just start a whole new paragraph), Washington Monument, and the cleanest, city restrooms ever.

---We walked from Abe to 17th, past a gazillion hotdog vendors and arrived at a barrier, guarded by a bunch of angry cops and K-9 unit pups. They barked, "Street closed!" at any tourist looking their direction. We saw no House of White, no glimpses of the Prez, we didn't even get close. We did pass one young man that was so obviously aspiring to be a politician that we considered running to him, screaming, "Mr. President! Mr. President!" just to see what would happen. At that point, I was DONE walking and we still had to hoof it back to the car(which was nowhere near, nowhere near at all). 

4- I have no December Daily(but have everything to make it!), we are behind on the Jesse Tree(but ornament materials have been purchased), and I have no cookies made(though sugar cookies are on the brain; cookie cutters were in the same box as the ornaments). I also have no Christmas spirit as everyone in the world seems to only think of what they can get on a holiday that is about what the world has already been given.

5- I have reached the state of pregnancy where comfort is elusive. Heartburn has begun, though it's nothing compared to the last three pregnancies(I credit wise food choices). I can no longer see my feet(though Sean assures me they are still there) and I'm doing my best to truly enjoy it(vs. complain, which is my natural inclination).

6- I have avoided maternity clothes this time. I insisted that I would not be buying a set of high waisted, paneled clothing again. Four pregnancies in, you'd think I'd have a few things left. Ah, the glory of moving all the time. I consign when I move. I would rather make a few bucks than have to pack and move items that aren't completely necessary. My system is flawless...until said items become completely necessary. Luckily, I found an awesome maternity/kids consignment shop about 40 minutes from here. I was able to return the one pair of jeans I splurged for off the clearance rack at Destination Maternity. I paid $50 for 'em(they were orig. $90!). For the same $50 at Greenberries, I was able to purchase three pair of pants for me, two for the baby and a sweater. Baby boy has precious little to wear until he's two. I'm wondering if I can skate by with rolled sleeves as the 2T hand-me-down bin is chock full. :) I have made a few purchases here and there, but for the most part, I'm fully unprepared for the birth of this baby.

7- Simon's birthday shopping is done(though shipping dates are cutting it MIGHTY close). I have never been prepared two weeks early. Are you noticing a trend? Not sure when Sean's procrastination became my own...

8- Having a thought to make this Christmas completely DIY, I was pondering making quilts for the boys. When I asked Sean if he thought they'd appreciate/enjoy a handmade quilt from yours truly, I got an unconvincing, "Yeah...?" I want to do a guitar quilt for Simon, robots for Felix and something fish related for Titus. Baby has an alphabet quilt in the works(meaning one piece of fabric has been purchased).

9- Yesterday, my younger student answered a math questions much more easily and quickly than my older student. I was giddy with pride, but it caused me to question the WHY of the situation. It is astounding the bad habits Simon picked up(and Felix was able to avoid) during such a short experience with the shattered public education system. I also had an eye bulge moment as I had to google something they both knew this morning. In my defense(and to their benefit), it was the difference between diurnal and diturnal. They knew, I didn't. And one more kudos to home educating...their knowledge of Biblical is awesome. I know the world as a whole doesn't care about such things(even from a historical perspective), but I think it's pretty awesome when they whine, "But we already know about Tamar(or fill in the blank with any lesser known person like Perez)!"

10- Having typed all of this while in the same room as my children(despite the fact that it took two days) I wonder at what point mothers gain the super power of being able to ignore/tolerate such substantial amounts of chaos and noise. And why don't dads get the same super power? Be jealous, fathers. It's the greatest super power in existence.

"Let's color Grandma Watson a picture so she'll feel better." -me, to Titus.
"Well, what's wrong with HER?!"-Simon
"She's in the hospital. She's probably going to die soon."-me, being matter of fact(because death is very much a fact of life).
"Yeah, well...I guess she's next."-Simon, who is just as matter of fact as I, apparently.
Titus, having signed his art, "Done! She's all better now!"

I wish it was just that easy.

**be prepared. I have some serious thoughts about health related issues and a post just simmering below the surface. I would like to ask honest questions with the hopes of receiving feedback.

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Corey said...

#1 makes me happy :D
#2 made me laugh out loud at "politicians hiding dead bodies" Because...it's not funny. but it IS kinda funny. And Chandra Leevy was a local girl where I grew up.
#3 Glad you guys got to go downtown as a family. That is a LOT of walking!
#4 I have no Dec daily either.
#5 but your bump is so cute!
#6 I was never able to avoid maternity clothes. had to bust them out at 12 weeks with Megan. O_0
#7 Can you believe he's going to be 10??
#8 quilts would be so nice! They probably wouldn't care too much now....but later in life? definitely!
#9 I love home school! :D (mostly)
10# LOL!
#11 I love child like faith though. I think it can be that easy.....I just don't know how to do it. It must be simpler than we think ;-)