Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Sunday,

another amazing, Spirit filled sermon from Dr. Fentress.

This week, he focused on God's sovereignty. He opened with the point, "If you don't believe God is sovereign, why are you here? Why bother with any of it(meaning the Christian life)?"

Sovereignty is a big, theological word with such a weighty meaning. It's easy to say we believe God is sovereign, but do we live like it? Do I live like it? He brought up Job's response to his wife's, "Curse God and die." Do I take the good and not want to accept the bad? Do I give God credit for blessings and blame circumstances for stress, illness, etc.

Pastor Fentress made the statement last week, "Our faith adds nothing to God." That one hit me like a ton of bricks. God is God no matter who we are or what we think of Him. Whether we lack faith or have an immense amount of it, does it change His eternal character? He wasn't saying don't have faith, he was saying it is irrelevant to God's being. Judging by the history of the Israelites, that makes sense!

Back to today, he was preaching on the consequences of Adam's sin. Speaking on the beauty of Creation and the sites that are still here that take our breath away. What must this world have looked like before sin? In Psalm 19:1-2, for example. Creation still declares God's glory. The ground was cursed because of Adam. All of Creation is still functioning as God intended, except for man. And the crowd went wild! Actually, Mr. Fred let out a throaty, "Aaaaamen," and that was that. It is a Baptist church, after all.

Why didn't God step in then? Why didn't God knock the apple out of Eve's hand? Why didn't Adam step in? God doesn't fix things the way we think He should. The preacher reminded us once again that we are not God. God had a plan already in motion before Creation. His plan of redemption is so much grander than anything we ever could've come up with, wouldn't ya say?

He preached hard on sin this week. Satan only needs a moment. Just look at what was set into motion by Adam's sin. In a moment, the entire human race was turned topsy turvy. Because of Adam's sin, the entire race is still facing the consequences of his actions. Who are we to think our sins don't matter or affect other people. As the preacher said today, thirty years of marriage, a thirty year career, a well established church can all be undone with just a moment of sin.

As always, he ended on a point of hope. The gravity of our sin just makes the work on the Cross that much sweeter. The Second Adam was sent to wipe the slate clean. Our slate! Our depravity makes His glory that much more awesome. Jesus led the life Adam couldn't. Where is your hope? Is it in the sovereign God of the Universe? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever

So there's my overview of the sermon. If you want to hear the actual sermon, leave me a comment and I'll send you a dropbox link! I also have last weeks sermon all set to go. :)

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