Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I love it!

*When haircuts work out. I got one just a bit ago while in SC. Turns wasn't a great haircut. According to my stylist today, it was actually quite terrible. It's always reassuring when a stylist says, " should NEVER let them ________," and it's exactly what your previous stylist did. So, now I know. The difference in price between SC salons and MD salons is outrageous, but I'd rather pay more money for a good cut than good money for a mediocre cut.

*When a quick trip to Walter Reed turns into an all day affair. I woke up before everyone and decided to run in for some lab work. I had a quick blood draw done and was supposed to get my glucose test done, but I beat the system. For now. I wanted a haircut worse than I wanted to be tested for a condition I've never had, don't show any signs of, that only affects 4-7% of pregnant women. If I do, in fact, have gestational diabetes, I will face the consequences of my actions. All that to say, WR is just a block from downtown Bethesda. :) I was somewhat crafty with the timing of everything and wound up getting a coffee date with myself, followed by the splendid haircut. All while knowing I still had to grocery shop, return something to Target and hit up AC Moore.

*Walking through the front door and having little bodies tackle me. I was only gone a few hours, but it's reassuring to know my absence is missed. Welcome homes are awesome. Especially if you've been gone a ridiculously short amount of time. I stooped down to give Titus a hug and he said, "I can't squeeze you, stand up." Up I stood. He grabbed my leg and squeezed and squeezed, "There." he said, "Squeezed ya."

*That my husband is so entirely capable, reliable awesome. Not only did he do school with the boys, I walked in to hear him teaching them about atoms. Beyond that, he used Titus as an illustration, thus including him(something I don't do nearly enough). Felix rattled off facts about atomic bombs and WW2 that I didn't even know. Added to that, the house was clean. Just had to brag on him for a sec. He's such an awesome dad. He's a pretty stellar guy. Sometimes, I'm a little jealous of his mad parenting skillz. Jealous might not be the right word. Envious, maybe? With me(and good-night, I hope all mothers!), it's always about the tasks; breakfast, educate, laundry, educate, lunch, educate, dinner, kisskiss, hug, bedtime. With him, he has fun. He enjoys the time he spends with them. I mean, I do, too, but sometimes I feel like I'm shuffling from one thing to the next, just treading water to get through the day. We laugh and love and play in the midst of it all, but it's not the same as with him. He reminds me often that we're a team. And I thank GOD for that! I could not do this without him.

*A refrigerator full of health. Thanks to some influential house guests, we've cut sugar from our diet/coffee(where most of our sugar intake was coming from). I know! What reason is there to awaken each day?! Why even bother going to sleep if you don't get to wake to sweet, sweet nectar in your coffee? We haven't gone completely insane, we still use honey. We're also trying to cut out bread. Trying. Trying hard. I came home today with a trunk full of fruit and veggies. Which leads me to...

*A three year old that sneaks tomatoes and apples from the fridge when he can reach cookies. The cookies that I don't eat, of course. They're merely counter decor. :)

*Realizing I get another kiddo in 12 weeks. That is insane. 12 weeks to a new baby. 12 weeks to Spring Break for Sean. 12 weeks to get as far ahead as possible in school with my big two. 12-16 weeks to figure out where we're going to live when we move to OH. 18-ish weeks til we move to OH. Oi. I need to consume some sugar before I get overwhelmed. :D

*One more thing that I LOVE...Sean was packing up to take Felix to Radio Shack. Their "thing" is taking stuff apart and making something new with it. I'm so glad they have a thing. Simon and Sean have music and it was becoming apparent that Felix was just a tad resentful. So, the brainiacs MacGyver stuff and bond. The other two caught wind of their impending excursion. Felix flashed his Toys-R-'Rust' gift card and the others lit up like fire crackers. Simon started, "Can I go?" Titus rallied, "Daaaadddy! Don't weave me!!!!"

And here I sit. Alone. Praying that my family comes home safe and sound to me. The silence is deafening. Off to fill my silence up with a nap or something equally as foreign. :)


Jude said...

So glad you got a good haircut! They are not all the same! ;)
time alone - yeah!
tell Sean I said good job ;)
12 weeks, holy hannah!!! I cannot wait to meet this baby :)
I think we must search for macgyver on netflix... :)

Corey said...

12 weeks?! Holy heck that is coming soon!! Are you ready?
No sugar? Oh my know the thought has crossed my mind. At least to cut out blatant uses of refined sugar. but...but...but... Ok I have nothing LOL!

*for Jude if she sees this: I'm pretty sure MacGyver is on Netflix.* :D I know Jake would love that show, I'll have to put it on sometime.