Sunday, January 20, 2013

Is it any wonder

we keep having kids? :)

Maybe I'm partial, but these kids are freakin' adorable. Good genes, good genes. 
The dreary weather
+ kidney stone love
+ the fact that 99% of Washingtonians are pure evil
+ traffic
+ having more kids than common sense
+ trying to get through as much school as possible before baby comes
+ Sean's 15 hour school days
= being a hermit. Church and the grocery store, that's about as far as me and the littles venture these days.

When I stepped outside this morning to head out with a friend(for some MUCH needed adult conversation!!) and felt the glorious sunshine upon my cheeks, I announced that we would be taking a walk this afternoon. I also felt an immense amount of regret for not fixing my hair. The weathermen here, y'see, are neverevereverever even CLOSE to being right. They said 37 degrees. It was 45. People here don't wear wool hats with snowflakes and ear flaps when it's 45. Anyhow...

We dragged the big kid's bikes out to find flat tires. Mr. T and I had some fun while waiting on the bigs to fix their stuff. Despite Simon's announcement of, "ARGH, she has the death laser!" upon seeing my camera, Titus was somewhat willing to sit still enough for me to snap a few shots. Simon's above quote will also explain why his littlest brother has 3xs as many pictures to document his existence.
*sigh* Even with his still crooked, wicked short bangs, he's adorable. This haircut is going on three weeks grown out. See why I was/still am so befuddled?

I cropped out our street loveliness in the others, but I kinda wanna remember the Home Alone van across the street. Plus, the sun flare is pretty rad.
 The deeper his chin dimple gets, the more he looks like his Dad. Wow, there is none of me in his looks. 
The most uncooperative subject of late, photographically speaking. He cooperates in most every other area of life, though. I'll take it.

Sean gave me one opportunity to get a picture of all of us. Okay, five. But this was his, "No more! Seriously. Last. One." I propped my camera on T's Uncle Eddy hat(as seen in the photo above) and did my best to avoid the rays of sure-to-over-expose sunshine. There ya have it: all 6 of us in one picture. :)


Corey said...

Oh my gosh...the death laser! LOL! too funny, Simon!
Those pics of Titus are priceless. Too cute.

Jude said...

death laser... LOL. i hope the last one has red hair :)