Sunday, January 27, 2013

it's Sunday...

and I made it to the computer!

I can't even put the words of today's service into my own, so if you'd like to hear the actual version, let me know! I have a copy and it's already uploaded to Dropbox. It was amazing and convicting and hopeful as usual. I only wish the testimony given at the beginning was part of the recording.

THAT, I can summarize.

A woman in our church was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma with a golf ball size tumor found on her brain in September 2011. Her diagnosis was bleak to say the least. Our pastor prayed, they laid hands, they anointed her with oil, but it sounds as if everyone was preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.

After surgery, six weeks of chemo and radiation + chemo every fourth week for six months after that, her prognosis was still bleak. Glioblastoma is not something people typically recover from.

As she was giving her public thanks to the church, I thought the miracle was that she was still standing a year and some months after her cancer was found. Her husband took the microphone from her and continued giving thanks to the people of the church. "Might I add..." he began. :D He then told the church that when his wife was diagnosed they changed their entire lifestyle. They got rid of all man made foods and went back to the beginning. He said they began eating what GOD said we should eat. He said they drink pure water and fruits and vegetables because they found that the food they had been eating was antagonistic towards cancer.

The miracle is not that she was still standing today. The miracle is that her cancer is completely gone. She is cancer free, though her doctors at Georgetown are still searching for it, wondering where it could be. I was so encouraged by their words. Bawling my brains out. Feeling less like the freak that I typically feel like when it comes to food matters. Affirmation. It is worth it.

The pastor delivered an amazing sermon after her testimony. He's still in Genesis 3, but today he focused on sin(again), life and redemption. He hit pretty hard on racism, too. A great message all around, applicable to all. I am going to miss this place when we are gone. I will miss that man's preaching and I pray we find a church as dedicated to the Word as this one.

**HA! IT WORKS!!! Ok, I figured out how to link it!! Easier than I was making it out to be, apparently.

Listen HERE.

Also, here are the other two sermons I haven't been able to get out of my head/heart...

A message on motherhood. So encouraging and I think everyone should listen!!

A message on Adam and redemption. 

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