Sunday, January 27, 2013

snow(photo overload)

After three days of having snow on the ground(and not much, at that), I have decided...the South ain't so bad after all. Now I understand. I really thought we would like the cold. I think it's a "grass is always greener on the other side" type thing. Another August day in San Antonio and I guarantee I'd change my views faster than a politician on the campaign trail. It's a good thing we have this weather to prepare us for OH. I'm thinking TX to OH would've been a much harder transition.

I'm also banking largely on the fact that preparing small people for snow play MUST be easier if you can bend at the waist. Once you're dressed for the weather, it really isn't that bad. It took a good 40 minutes to get everybody ready on day one, only 25-ish minutes by day three.

On to the pictures!

My crooked, little bird bath looks so much prettier full of snow than slimy, green water. It really is that lopsided and I really don't care enough to fix it.
My boys were so excited to shovel the sidewalk! SO EXCITED. They have already concocted a business model for their snow shoveling business for Ohio. Complete with free services for wives of deployed soldiers. Be still my heart.
 After shoveling, we headed for the closest hill. 
 Simon predicted Titus was headed for the creek via a thistle patch...
 He was correct. The following shots were taken after making sure he was okay, of course. And he was, just went faster and further than he anticipated. :)
 A happy accident. :)

 I will miss this little corner of our world when we leave. I so love this little park. 

 Once they figured out the snow would pack into snowballs, I knew I ought to settle in for a long stay in the cold.
 Titus figured out an abandoned shovel would work better than the puny snowballs.

 I was explaining to them why we don't evereverever walk on ice. It was melting right in front of our eyes. In the second picture, he was repeating everything(loudly) I was saying to Simon. 

 After my walking on ice speech, he wanted to prove it was strong enough to hold him. "If it can hold the rock, it can hold me." Not quite, kid.

 I also explained why we don't eat snow. Our favorite hill...happens to be a hot spot for dogs. I caught him eating it anyways. 
 The start of a snowman that was never finished. 


 My favorite picture of the day. :)
 And the series that follows tells a funny little story. 
 Let the beat down begin...Like every good mother of boys, I didn't intervene. Until they turned on me...
 The boy's got good aim.
The end. Of our snowy stint here. I'm guessing winter doesn't end here after two inches of snow? Perhaps we'll see snow again. I'm good either way. 

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Corey said...

Love love love all the pics! you are a nice momma for staying out there that long. I woulda high-tailed it back into the house asap!