Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 2013

1...Still trying to finish my LAST week of Project Life 2012. I'm close, but I get distracted easily.

2...Sean is constantly teaching me stuff about the human body. The deeper he gets into this anesthesia thing, the more amazed I am by the human body; positively FASCINATED by it's Creator. I really wish he had time to write blog posts for me, because the way he breaks it down just blows my mind. There is just no way our bodies were put together by chance. Each and every function we have going on within us could not have just happened. And that's just the stuff they know about.

3...Best New Years Eve ever last night. The kiddos made it to midnight(and beyond), but rewarded yours truly by sleeping in until 11:30 today. I just got the feeling that it'll be one we look back on years from now and ask, "Remember that New Years we spent with the Negards and Greens?"

4...Watching the news makes me insane. It's great to be informed, but it sucks feeling like there isn't a dang thing you can do about any of it. Watching the two parties blame each other makes me feel like I'm watching the crappiest reality television show(with the worst actors EVER), except it directly affects my life and I can't change the channel.

5...Hearing my seven year old say, "They sound like punks that jump up to get beat down," about the Israelites(Numbers 21, specifically) today made me smile so big. The things I would miss if I didn't educate these boys! We were reading about the grumbling of the Israelites, followed by the snake infestation. The cure, Moses was to make a bronze snake for them to look at and be healed. "Wouldn't that be an idol?" Felix asked. So we searched to see if they did, in fact, wind up worshipping the bronze snake. Of COURSE they did. Just a funny moment that made me so glad to have this time with my boys. They keep me laughing and seeking.

6... My parents flew up last week. Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to have a pilot in the family. My boys think he is the cat's meow. I do, too. :)

7... After they flew away, I took a few more. SO them. Felix with honey on his shirt from breakfast. Titus wearing hand-me-downs. I am soooooo glad I documented him with hair. o-O Simon, dressed to the nines.
8...Simon spilled the beans to his dad on their afternoon out a few weeks ago. "I wear a tie to church to impress a girl," he said. "Did she notice?" asked Sean. "No, she's stupid." says my boy. 

:) I don't necessarily encourage him calling a girl stupid, but when it comes to this instance...I'm surprisingly okay with it.  Just wait, little boy. They get stupider with teenage-hood. Unfortunately, the only things stupider than a teenage girl is a teenage boy. I'm speaking from personal experience here, no offense to any stupid teenagers out there. 
 9...You may notice less shag on the boy's head. Sean took him to a barber shop called Kingdom Kutz in Fredericksburg. Apparently, you get a bit of Gospel with a trim. Good stuff. And Simon ended up with a much better haircut than his littlest brother got yesterday. O-o. I'm somewhat bitter about it. The barber didn't listen and made my shaggy headed baby into a pumpkin pie hair cutted BOY. It's pretty bad. Moving on. Eventually.

10... Tomorrow, I will be seven months pregnant. That blows my mind. There are times I still forget. Like the other day at REI(it's their winter clearance, btw!!), a sales man named Simba walked by and said, "Congratulations." I completely ignored him, assuming he wasn't talking to me. What would he be congratulating me for? So he asked, hesitantly, "You are expecting, right?" "Oh," I responded, "yeah, but I totally could've messed with you right then." We engaged in a great conversation. He told me all about growing up in Africa and imparted some great parenting advice, with the disclosure that he is not a parent himself. :) Still, good advice.

On that note, baby wants some gummy bears. Hoping his brothers didn't find our secret stash...

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rhonda: alpha dog said...

Love it, as I always do!

We had a great NY with you all!

Keep tugging on T's hair. It'll make it grow faster. ;-)