Thursday, February 14, 2013


It has arrived. In full force.

Also, wide-swinging moods. I mean...wide.

Poor Sean walked in to a very, very frustrated altercation between myself & the computer a few nights ago. I was so mean to him. :( He had absolutely nothing to do with why I was mad. He was trying to keep the conversation light and I chose to be a big, fat wank.

With this nesting comes my ideals and lists of how things should have to be by the time baby gets here.

I had gotten the kids to bed earlier than the night before, but later than I wanted. I had plans to cut and sew burp cloths. I had plans to make a blanket. I had plans to start cutting out squares for two quilts. I had plans to catch up on the last two weeks of Project Life. Which meant, editing and printing two weeks of pictures, of course. After all that, I had plans to sit peacefully and watch Frasier with a block of cheese and ice cream without falling asleep all over myself. I'm very realistic.

And then Sean came home at a normal time.

That's the point in the story that I became a wanker. In the end, I had a chat with myself, grumbled cuss words at the computer for not doing what I wanted it to do, set aside my plans, made a cheese tray and enjoyed a good conversation with my ever patient, understanding, loving husband. Without an infant screaming betwixt us or three others interjecting "Guess whats?" into the middle of every one of our sentences.

That man. He is so patient with me. He hasn't always been, but seeing as how I'm bigger than him now,  he's wised up. :) I got up early with him yesterday and wound up with a few hours to myself. Apparently, if I want to nest, I'm going to have to gather my twigs in the morning instead of at night. I wound up reading. One thing led to another, which led to articles about scrotal temperatures and dioxin in disposable diapers and now I am the proud owner of a nice stash of cloth diapers.

We have discussed cloth diapering before, but I really didn't think it was worth it at this point in the game. If I'd started a few kids ago, I could've used the financial savings argument. That said, reading about infertility and cancer causing ingredients in disposables pushed me right into cloth camp. I emailed Sean one short paragraph on the subject and he wrote me back. "I'm with you," he said.

To which I promptly started crying with regret over how mean I'd been to him. He is so supportive of all my craziness. I'm a lucky girl.

In the end, I wound up at the greatest consignment store(maternity/infant-wise...their older kid selection is a bit lacking) I've ever patronized(Greenberries in Columbia, MD), and had a nice long chat with whom I presume is the owner of the store. She spent a good bit of time with me, answering questions, demonstrating, reassuring. I walked out with a newborn stash(+ some that will last through potty training) and confidence that this is the right decision. For us. I am freakishly excited about it. The diapers are so stinking adorable!

Moving on. I promise I won't obsess over diapers like I do food. At least not here. :)

So...clothes are abundantly covered, washed and put away, even. Car seat has been ordered. Diapers have been purchased and researched to the ilnth degree. Co-sleeper has been borrowed. Breast pump is on it's way. All I need now is my mom and my baby. In that order!

I also have plans this weekend with a strong influencer of the baby's name. Dinner with my cousin and friend. Friends from Texas coming next week. Friends from SC coming next weekend. Grandma's arrival. And then the baby can come. Not a day sooner, kiddo. In the meantime, we are barreling through school work(ten weeks left!) and Sean's orders(to MOVE) are expected any day now. This boy better be the most cooperative combination of our genes to have ever lived.

I believe my nesting was pushed into full swing by a shower some friends put on for me. As much of a youngest child that I am, I feel like such a dork being the center of attention. Well, not always, but this being the fourth boy and all, I felt kinda...I dunno, greedy? I should have everything I need at this point in the game. Luckily, my friends wouldn't hear it and they put on a heck of a show to celebrate this little guy.

Sean is a closet baby shower game fanatic. He loves baby shower games. He's a man of many wonders, I tell ya. We had games and so much laughter my cheeks hurt. Cupcakes and snacks and awesome, awesome presents. My sister requested pictures:

We did a make a baby out of play-doh game. So funny:

Dads diapering a bear game: 

Or dad's giving chest compressions while diapering bear game: 
 Sean had to be a clown during this one:
 and diapering the bear's head:
 Pin the gamete came with the warning that if the kids started asking questions, the games creator had to answer them. :)
The kid version was pin the bottle:

 A silver duck, bank with baby's initials(SO SWEET!):
 I got a ton of gifts, but Sean had the camera for most of openings. Thus, very few pictures. This is a custom made Mei Tei type baby carrier that my super talented friend made me:
 Knowing the aggravation(time, effort, money, love) that goes in to handmade gifts, it was tough not to cry. Luckily, Sean put it on and his questions/confusion regarding baby wearing had me laughing. 
On that note, I am inspired to stitch two pieces of flannel together to make a burp cloth. Here's hoping pregnancy brain can be overpowered by nesting in order to accomplish such a task!

Thank you again to all my wonderful friends who put on such an awesome celebration for my little boy! He will be blessed to have you all as part of his life.

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Anonymous said...

I will interject one vote on cloth vs. disposable diapers. Sean had nothing but disposable and his fertility has not been impacted in the least. ;) love Mom