Thursday, April 18, 2013

catching up

Little mister gave me a few minutes yesterday to attempt to get caught up on Project Life. I found a few weeks of pictures I'd forgotten about. 

The park by our house: You wouldn't believe how Spring hit it overnight. I'll have to take some more pictures to compare. Everything is so green again. 

 We'll miss this place.

 Everybody asks how the big boys have adjusted. I think these pictures answer pretty well.
 T had a sniffle that day. Sean was telling him not to get too close to Jude. :)

These were taken at some point during the first ten days. Aside from his lack of chub, I can tell b/c he's sleeping w/o being held. Little punklet has me wrapped around his finger. For instance, I am currently typing one handed...

 But, c'mon, could you put him down?? Eventually. But not yet.

I cant believe how much he's changed already! These last two were taken just a few days ago. Crazy how fast it goes. 


rhonda: alpha dog said...

You know I love everything you do, but this last photo of you holding J is beautiful! I'm going to miss these faces.

Corey said...

He is so cute!! I love his little diaper covers!