Thursday, April 11, 2013

in one month

In one month, I've fallen completely in love, all over again. Actually, that happened within the first second, but has only increased during the month.

In one month, he's earned a nickname: Warthog. He grunts and snorts and makes us all crack up.

In one month, I've remembered what it feels like to be tired. Not "I need a cup of coffee" tired, but "what is my name?" tired.

In one month, I've gained gobs of patience. Gobs. I can feel myself losing it and am able to reign myself in more quickly. Funny how that works. The only time I really feel out of control is when I can not make the big three take it down a freakin' notch and the baby is screaming on top of it.

In one month, baby boy has outgrown all of his newborn diapers. What's awesome(and kinda gross), cloth diapers retain value. I've listed them all on ebay and have actually made money on some of them. Go figure.

In one month, he's gone from 5lb 11oz(the day he came home) to 10lb 4oz. He eats a lot.

In one month, his hair has gone a little blonde. :/ There are still red highlights, but it's definitely getting lighter.

In one month, he has not spent a single night in his co-sleeper. I tried. I can't put him down. We both sleep better when I'm holding him on my chest. It's not that he won't sleep in it, it's all me.

In one month, we've made the adjustment. It's like he's always been here. The big boys love him like crazy and ask when we're having more babies.
I love it when they ask in front of Sean. His reactions and non-reactions are priceless.

In one month, I've gained even more perspective on the blessing that kiddos are. As a young mama, way back when, I took a lot for granted. It's been amazing to learn so many lessons along the way.


Jude said...

praying for sleep, lots of sleep :)

Corey said...

10lbs?! Oh goodness! How cute!! I can't believe this one is a month old already either. How in the world does time go so fast??