Friday, April 05, 2013

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I am not positive that I can form a cohesive thought at the moment. Not cohesive enough to form into sentences, but...I shall try. Three are playing hide and seek in the backyard and the fourth is not currently attached to me in any way. That doesn't tend to last long. I'm spoiling him already. I know it. I've done it before. I'm perfectly okay with it. There is enough change a-comin' in his little life, might as well not put too much effort into schedules and the like.

April 1, my Grandma Watson died. April Fools Day seems so appropriate. She was a joker right up to the very end. The thing about never having lived close to her is that it doesn't seem like she's really gone. The same with my Grandma Benzo and Sean's Grandpa. There are times I start to remind Sean that he hasn't spoken to Pop Pop in a while and then it hits me that there isn't a Pop Pop attached to the other end of the phone anymore.

One of my Grandma Watson's quilts is currently sitting on top of my dryer, having recently been laundered after an unfortunate event involving a diaper not secured tightly enough. I know it's there. I've shuffled it out of the way a time or two, but I can't quite bring myself to fold it & put it away yet.

April 1, we also got news that the house we so very much wanted in Ohio is ours for eighteen months-two years. It is my dream house. The circumstances of acquiring this house are nothing short of a miracle. Oh my goodness, the parts of Dayton we saw are scary. Not just, "bad side of town" scary, but "burning barrels and free roaming Rottweilers" scary. After viewing all the houses on our very short list and complimenting the owners on their creative use of photography(i.e.: the houses looked fantastic until you took in the view BEYOND the camera lens), we were ready to leave Ohio defeated. As we were rolling out of town, we got a call back from a message we'd left on a Craigslist ad. We missed the first call and weren't even going to call back. I flippantly said, "Let's just see the house on our way out of town. If we like it, we'll call back." Three miles from the house, the guy called again. I kept the conversation short, told him we'd peek in the windows and call him back. He mentioned there were 7 people in line to see the house after us. I fully intended to never call back. I expected another dud of a house. Lo and behold, we pulled into the driveway and I said, "This is it."

And it is. I don't know why the guy gave us two chances with a list of people interested. I don't know why we were in Dayton when we were as we had zero plans to make the drive ahead of the move. I don't know why all of the other houses seemed to be one step above condemned when they looked so fabulous online. I don't know why two realtors were unable to find a single residence that would meet our needs. I don't know why I even got on Craigslist, other than sheer desperation. Even the circumstances surrounding the listing were nothing short of a God thing. The house has been unoccupied for six months. The owner just happened to list it the day we were there. All in perfect timing.

Mr. Jude was awesome on the trip. He's awesome most of the time. He does not like to be hungry and he would rather sit in a wet diaper than have it changed. Cloth diapering is going amazingly well for all who have asked. It is what it is. It's really no different than disposables other than washing them. Let me tell ya, I'd rather wash diapers than have to run to the store to get more disposables. Speaking of running to the store, yesterday was my first time out with all four by myself. Two grocery stores and a consignment store and only one come to Jesus meeting for the big three. The baby was a gem.

This post is feeling pointless and rambly and there were a few other things I wanted to mention. They'll have to wait for another post...

Some proof of life pictures:
The most recent, taken just last night during my favorite hour of the day. The big kids are tucked away and Jude likes to peek at us for an hour or two. It's a moment of calm in our day and I cherish it like you wouldn't believe!
I spied this little scene Thursday morning while making my coffee. Something about it just makes me smile.
Proof of his red hair. You can't really tell in this picture, now that I see it a bit bigger. His hair is red(and wavy), though, I assure you.
The new digs. I can't express how excited I am to call this place my home. The inside is every bit as amazing as you'd imagine. It's the last house on a dead end street, so everything to the right side of the picture is where the boys will be until the street lights come on.

Titus thinks more blankets is the cure for every one of Jude's whimpers. "It's okay, Baby Jude, it's okay," he says while snapping blankets in preparation to tuck around him. I love it.
A sleepy smile.
Mr. T's outfit of the day/month. He is all about the boots and goggles right now.
The man has gone soft over this kid. Seriously. He can't stand to hear him cry. He insists the others be quiet(hahahahahahahahahahaha) if he's napping. It's cute.

Titus and Felix are big on mini-forts. This particular day it was a car. "You drive, I'll shoot!" Titus instructed.

And that's that. 


Organizedsahm said...

Awe! God is good! All the time!

Dr. L said...

Aww. What a lovely house. And to think Jude will spend his first birthday there! Congrats on the new space.