Thursday, April 25, 2013

ten on Tuesday-Thursday

1> Watching Sean walk to his car this morning I was hit with a wave of craziness. It seems like I was just watching him leave for his first day of school. It seems like we just moved here. Considering it's been less than a year, I guess we did. I can't believe Phase One is one test away from being done. When I'm not wanting to poison his coffee, I'm very proud of him. We heard all kinds of horror stories before school started. We heard we'd never see each other and he would be too busy to even speak to our children. It's been quite the opposite. He's been insanely busy and there have been many, many days he hasn't been home before the kids' bedtime, but he's more than made up for it. He has spent more quality time with the boys over the last year than ever before. He has taken our family to church every single Sunday this year. He takes the boys out individually to make sure they're getting equal time with him. He's hyper aware of when I've reached my limit and steps in(except for the last few days. He bought noise canceling headphones. I haven't decided if I should be offended or let it go...)All while maintaining good grades.

2> That said, I'm freaked out by the stories we've heard about Phase 2! :D I imagine a lot of what we've heard is a bit dramatic, too. There are plenty of students that fit the horror story molds, but I think it all depends on the individual and their priorities. We'll tackle Phase 2 when we get there(next month, YIKES).

3> It blows my mind that I'm sitting here, typing away, when the movers are supposed to come this week. This week. THIS WEEK. It's Tuesday and I'm not losing my mind. I do believe I have adapted to the "hurry up and wait" lifestyle the military offers.


4> I have two friends that I spend more time texting with every day than we ever spent talking in real life. Our group texts would make the most hilarious book. I look to them for encouragement and advice and when I need to complain, they're the first to hear it. They don't judge, they offer sound advice, they crack me up. It's kinda funny how our lives have become more intertwined since two of us moved away. I sure wish California and Texas were closer.

5> I love Titus's face in these. The pictures are a month apart. I wish I had the mental capacity to remember to do this every month.
6> Sunday is our last at this church. I've been able to ignore that fact for a few weeks, but this Sunday is going to be a sob fest. Especially since Simon might be baptized. We've been talking about it since October and just kept pushing it off. Now it's crunch time! If he's ready, I really want it to be done at a church we love, by a pastor he actually knows. 


7> Of the things I will miss about this place(it's a pretty short list, actually), this tree is one of 'em. Last night we had some pretty gusty winds and our yard is full of cherry blossom snow this morning.

8> We now know(after MUCH aggravation and phone calls and unanswered questions) that a moving truck will be here tomorrow. They are packing and taking all of our stuff TOMORROW. Still not freaking out, but I think my father anticipates it. Thus, my mama is on her way to help. Just to add a hint of guilt: I was hoping my sister was in on a grand scheme to surprise me. I had it all worked out in my head that my mom and my sister would step off the train. Alas, it seems my sister is not coming. *sigh* ;);)

9> Feefs lost his first top tooth. He looks like a different kid. According to Simon, "He looks just like Ben(a BFF from TX)!" He really, really does.

10> For the love of Pete, I'm invested in this post. I will finish! The biggest took some pictures of the littlest that cracked me up. Uncle Fester...?

And b/c the movers are going to take my computer away, one more:


kimrairdon said...

Love this post.
He does look like Ben!
I am praying for you move! But excited that someone will pack you!
LOVE all of thee pictures!
Miss you.

Brown English Muffin said...

1. Sean is a precious rare breed of a man

2. It seems like all that you're hearing about phase 1 and phase 2 is liking reading social never know "quite" what to believe.

4. And they say real friends are hard to come by! HA! phooey them!

5. I had to stare really closely saying to myself doesn't she have 4 ...where's the last one.


7. I thought of a practicle joke and blurted it out instead of doing it. I thought about getting in my husbands car at night and driving it around and sitting it under each flower blossoming tree for abotu 30 minutes and then driving it back home and parking it in front of the house. When he woke up it would be covered with a multitude of differing colored flowers and we don't even have a tree in front of our house.

8. I still laugh out loud every time I remember my complimentary military moving truck experience...."I laughed so hard when I realized they'd even wrapped the toilet paper" WHO DOES THAT?

9. They say it's good when kids loose their teeth later in life. Needles to say I think Baby C has lost about 8 already and she's only

10. You already know you make the most beautiful kids so no need to hear it again from me.

11. No don't worry and scroll back to your old post you didn't spend 3 days writing your Ten on Tuesday to accidently turn around and do Eleven on Tuesday. I just wanted to say I TOO only see Quinoa as a rice/carb substitute. :)