Monday, April 22, 2013

Titus quotes.

"How dare you?!"- said with as much righteous indignation that a four year old can muster. If you've ever watched an episode of Frasier, imagine Niles as a four year old.

"But they're precious to me!"
Example of use: "Titus, you need to pick up your circle dots and put them in the lego bin." Things are only precious to him when located in the midst of a disaster area. Circle dots, by the way, are the littlest legos. I believe they are typically used as headlights on cars, for example. For a reason I can't quite figure out, they've become a hot item in our house; hoarded, hidden, fought over.

"YUMMY!"-Ace Ventura style. My four year old has not seen Ace Ventura(save the clip where he kicks the package down the hall via youtube). We tend to quote old (stupid) movies a lot in conversation apparently.

Sean told the boys about some prank show a while back in which one of the actors had to refer to a customer as 'Mustache.' They thought it was hilarious. However, any time we see someone in public with facial hair, he declares, "Hey there, Mustache." So long as he doesn't say it to a woman, I guess we're okay?

Sean was putting the boys to bed the other night. Things weren't running very smoothly and Sean was getting on their case. I fell out as I heard Titus say, completely dead pan, "You're not awesome, Daddy." Simple as that. No flair, just the verbal beat down.

Speaking of beat downs aimed at Sean, I've been meaning to record a conversation from our trip to Ohio. We stopped at a little place for soup and the owner was asking how we liked it, etc. Titus said, "I'm gonna eat all my soup so I'm strong enough to beat up my dad." The guy engaged with, "You probably could. How old's your dad? Forty...?" Sean, without looking at the man, jaw clenching and unclenching, "You have a nice day, Sir."

The guy obviously felt bad, especially when Sean stated he's only 33. "I just figured with this many kids you had to be in your forties." he said, smiling. To which I asked, "Then how old does that make me?!?" He chose to walk away from the conversation at that point. Smart man.


rhonda: alpha dog said...

Hehehehe... "Hey there, Mustache!" That makes me giggle!

Brown English Muffin said...

I love those headlight pieces and they always give you extra in the package as if they KNOW you'll loose some.

Poor Sean he should go back to that restaurant on his 40th birthday just because.