Saturday, May 18, 2013

May, so far.

Grandma came to help pack/clean/over see movers. Do you see the relief in my hug?! Something about knowing my mama is near always allows me to breathe a huge sigh of relief. 
We said good-bye to our Maryland home. It served us well. Aside from the train that went through no less than 15 times a day, I loved this home.
We stayed in a very nice Hilton. Aside from the Nairobi wedding that was taking place DIRECTLY UNDER our room until 1 a.m., I loved this place, too. While it was fantastic seeing everyone dressed up in their authentic garb, listening to the wedding party dance to Gangnam Style until 1 a.m. makes me wonder if they were truly Nairobian. Perhaps Gangnam Style is internationally understood? Either way, our one week stay turned into a two night stay after such festivities. :D
Besides, our friends were desperate for noise. :D
We got to spend a week with two people and one furry pup that mean the world to us. I am still shocked that they opened their home to our giant family and that they're still speaking to us after the fact. Good friends. True, genuine, life long friends. I love you guys.

The Mrs. half took a picture of our family on the last day of school. I took one the first day of school and wanted to be able to see how we changed over the course of a year.
 Aforementioned furry friend. Greatest dog ever.
 T&Z watching Superman.
In the midst of it all, Simon was baptized. I want to do a separate post about this, but may not get the opportunity to any time soon this year, so...
For those of you who get it, you get it. For those of you who don't, it's a symbol. Simon was saying to the world that he believes Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on the cross for his sins. I nevereverever want to forget the conversation Sean and I had with Simon about a week before his baptism. We didn't lead him in some prayer that Religion has come up with. We didn't make him stand before the church. We didn't make him do anything. He has been asking. We recognize that salvation is an act of God, not us. As parents, we didn't want to force anything on our son to make ourselves feel better. We didn't want to force something false. When asked to explain the Gospel, Simon gave a textbook answer. When asked, "But what does it mean to you?" He wept. He gets it. It took me 20+ years to get it.


Simon had the privilege of being baptized with a real life persecuted Christian. This boys story is absolutely amazing and something most self professing Christians would not choose to withstand. I am so glad my boy got to meet him. I am so glad we were able to hear his story.
The whole experience was an awesome exclamation point to our Maryland adventure. 

After a pretty fun spouses orientation, we hit the road. This years orientation was so much better than last years! Instead of being forgotten in an auditorium for 45 minutes followed by a muddy field with a bounce house, this class opted for a catered BBQ and bowling. I got to speak to quite a few incoming spouses and overhearing one of the professors say to a new student, "You guys have some pretty big shoes to fill; this class was amazing," filled me to the brim with pride and a tear or two may have spilled over. I am so proud Sean got to be a part of something so awesome. And the fun is just beginning!

At yet another hotel. 

And the third hotel of our move...finally in Ohio. The place where Feefs became an official Jack'o lantern.
Home. Simon got to check in the boxes. Boyfriend stood there all. day. long. He worked himself right into a terrible cold.

Our movers were kinda jerks, but we're kinda familiar with jerk movers at this point. No worries. Each moving experience is a learning experience. 

 A long day was had by all.
 Little worker bee. Man, he's getting big. :/
And this is the picture that I accidentally took as I was throwing my camera. Our driveway is relatively flat until the last thirty feet or so where it angles down into a pretty decent decline. The kids were itching to ride their bazillion wheeled toys that our MD home has not allowed. Both of us told them, "Stay at the top of the driveway," at least 100 times.

Lo and behold, Mr. T didn't listen.

Just as the movers were getting into the truck to pull away, T lost his footing on his pedals. He was flying towards the bumper of the truck. I was running as fast as I could and couldn't catch him. Luckily, his foot got caught under the tire and he flipped. Luckily, because if he hasn't flipped, he would've hit the metal bumper, full speed, right in his face. Even worse, the truck was on and they couldn't hear me yelling or him screaming. They totally could've run him over if things had gone differently. Worst moment of my life. I've relived it so many times. I have and will continue to thank God for the flip.

 I don't know what we'd do without this little knucklehead.
 Or any of these knuckleheads.


Jude said...

Felix looks ginormous. SOOOO tall!
My baby is getting big. I must hold him soon.
I LOVE your door and porch. LOVE.
You literally threw your camera?!?! Glad Titus is ok!

Brown English Muffin said...

You really have BOY BOYS don't you!!! I'm glad T is fine too. I've never been to you a dollar the further you live is when I'll probably end up meeting up with you!!!