Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some house pictures.

I couldn't get the whole house due to lighting and messes, but here are some pictures. I kept waiting for it to be perfect, but...we live here.

The little boys' room is on the main level. What is now their dresser was in our dining room in MD. It works!
Jude's sad little corner. The walls are plaster. I will not be hanging anything on them as I've been told they spider web with nailing. It takes me an average of eight holes to hang a single picture...
Looking out of T&J's room- To the left is a small linen cupboard and drawers>A bathroom>Our room. To the right is the rest of the main floor.
A regular ole bathroom. My favorite feature, a slow closing toilet seat. No lie, I love that thing. You just give it a budge and it closes all by itself. No slamming!

 The living room. Hard to get a decent shot because there's SO MUCH LIGHT in that room. To the left of this shot is a fireplace and french doors leading to the front porch...
 I love them. I don't love that they are original and the locks are a pain in the butt, is what it is.
 Front porch. Behind the bricks and at the top of those iron rails is the front door which we don't use.

The living room from the sofa. See? It's not "done." There are SO many shelves that I just don't have enough tchotchkes to fill them. Also, no tv in this living room. Sean's piano is a bit more cleaned up today as he hid a bunch of the wires. That said, I don't love the look of it, but it sounds a-ma-zing. The acoustics in this house are awesome.

Top RIGHT of this pic, behind the yellow chair is a small closet and front door.
Top LEFT is the dining room. The door off the dining room is our room, bath, and T&J's room.
 Off the DR is the stairs going up to the loft and S&F's room. Beyond that is the kitchen.

 The kitchen, while kinda small, is sufficient. I love the original cabinets & colors.
 Off the kitchen is a breakfast nook. A bit cramped for our family, but it's where we eat...breakfast!

The arches make me happy.
Another door! This one leads to a few stairs>>>
and the Babysitter. That's what I call him. We somehow didn't notice him when we signed the lease. He scares Sean. I have this thought that the painting was done by the original owner of the house back in 1932 and is worth a million dollars.

To the left is the back yard, to the right is another set of stairs leading to the basement.

No pictures of the basement, but the door to the left, just off the stairs is a HUUUUUGE playroom. Going straight is my laundry room, office, Sean's work bench and another huge storage room. To the right is our school room. It's a huge basement. And clean. SO MUCH CLEANER than our last basement.

Somehow the pictures got out of order... Back to the main floor and our room. Again, we live here. There is always laundry on my bed. Always.
 Two windows, at the front of the house, yet our room is the darkest room in the house at all times of day.
Up the stairs, right into the center of the loft that is completely surrounded by built ins. If you were sitting in the chair, you would see another wall of built ins and another door. That door leads to a hallway that contains>>>
This cedar closet. At first glance, we thought it was a sauna. It is big enough to hold our entire family's wardrobe.
Across from this closet is another giant closet that holds shelves of shoes for now and a very creepy hiding place that the kids love(but that I am certain contains a skeleton or two-not that I'd know b/c I'm too scared to look).

Further down the hall is the big boys' room and another bathroom. Their room is just your basic boys room. I forgot to take a picture so use your imagination. OR...come visit!

It's a great house that will serve us well for the next eighteen months or so. 


Corey said...

That "babysitter" is CREE-PEE!! :D but the rest of the house looks amazing. I'd almost want to move as much as you do just to be able to experience all the different places and spaces...except for moving sucks LOL. as you are well aware, i'm sure ;-)

P.S... scrolling back through pics..Man, Simon is just getting so big..he's looking so grown up.

StephGuinn said...

I love the house! Older houses have so much more charm than new houses. I love that your pictures are so real- laundry on the bed and tiny shoes by the door. It's almost like I got to visit you. :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I really love this house...I simply love that porch....