Sunday, May 26, 2013

This week.

We spent a lot of time outside...

 Went to the AF Museum and only saw 1/4 of it before the kiddos got hungry...
& Simon had an attitude because he got his "phone" taken away and couldn't take pictures. I gave him mine but it was full. This boy is getting more and more TWEEN every day. *sigh*

 A picture to prove I was there...
 Sean got the boys each a Mexican Coca Cola for a cookout.

 A raccoon stole a few sips of Sean's coffee off the front porch. :D

We went on our first (of what will surely be many) picnic by the Great Miami River.

S&F learned to play chess. Sean's been running them through drills. F is a natural. S needs a bit more practice as he thinks too much.
We bought some cheap kites that would NOT fly, so Sean attempted to make his own. No-go. We ended up getting some less cheap kites at the AF Museum; alas, there had been no wind since the purchase. :/
These two have had the greatest relationship since Jude came along. I hear, "Felix, you're my best friend," more often than, "You aren't my best friend anymore!" Brotherhood is a battle most days, but we end on high notes more often than fist fights. This week. Ask me next week and you may get a different story.

Mr. T got a pretty crappy haircut from his pops and I. We will attempt to fix it again today. If nothing else, he'll get his first buzz cut!
We had friends over for dinner. Having built in friends from MD has certainly made this move a lot easier. :)
This week, I took a lot more pictures than I realized. Glad I dusted the old Canon off to get some happy snaps of my boys.
This week, I was a spoiled brat(I know, I know) and took for granted all the family time.
This week, I realized our time together is quickly coming to an end and wanted to do a lot of GRAND things.
Sometimes it takes some retrospection to realize the little things are the grand things.


Corey said...

That last picture is so cute! I love it! glad to see you're settling in to OH quite well. The house looks amazing...looks like a well kept, peaceful neighborhood from what i can see :) Has Sean started school yet?

Brown English Muffin said...

wow what a busy week....does S feel left out now that F&T are bonding better?