Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: random thoughts as I supervise the washing machine...

Random thought #1- I need a new one. Washing machine, that is. We bought it cheap and never even needed it until this house. The last three have had really nice washing machines. Alas, the savings we got on this machine are ever apparent now that I have to use it on a daily basis. Every cloth diaper load I do feels very much like a science experiment. P.S. anyone who says they're cloth diapering to save the planet...is lying. The amount of water I use to wash these suckers far outweighs any environmental benefit whatsoever. Landfill, schmandfill...we're still sucking down the water supply. That's just the way it is.

Random thought #2- I'm thinking of kicking ye olde blog to the curb. After making books and ensuring I have all these years of memories in print, it just feels like it's time for it to go. I don't make the time for it anymore. I don't like how much information I freely give away. There are so many other ways to connect with the people I started this blog for and the friends I've made through it. It's just time.

Random thought #3- Moving sucks. It just plain sucks. There are fun parts. It's exciting to see new places, but overall...Most of the time, I'm good with change. I embrace the benefits. And then there are times when I'm sobbing in the bathroom mirror at another new church while I feed my baby, smelling stench because said church doesn't have a cry room and all I can think is, "this is NOT the one and there will nevereverever be another church like Montrose!" True story.

Random thought #4- That church was not the church for us. But(!), we did find a church. This one is not like Montrose in some ways, and exactly like it in others. The preachers would be friends. This preacher is very Gospel focused, just like Dr. Fentress. I was super convicted on Sunday, as if the message was meant just for me. And that's how I know it's the one.

Random thought #5- Sundays at church, tend to mean kids are sick by Tuesday. I have never attended a church that has been an exception to that rule. Once I get my foot in the door, I may just start a cleaning committee. It's a Baptist church and everyone knows just how excited Baptists get about committees. :) I'd also like to completely take over snacks. It's always befuddled me as to why anyone would want to shove snacks into kids who have just come from breakfast and will likely eat lunch just after church. Added to that, the snacks are typically sugar laden with enough dye to send a room full of small kiddos into full spin cycle. Why do that to ourselves, the adults in charge of the lunatics??! Why do that to the kids?

Random thought #6- On a similar note, Simon has been showing signs of MSG allergy/sensitivity in the form of migraine headaches. I know people think I'm a freak about fast food or over the top about what my kids eat, but the last time Simon was grabbing his head, unable to function because it hurt so badly and I was able to pinpoint why...I was not a happy mama.

Random thought #7- Sean's first week in the OR was eye opening. He came home two days last week at 3am and was back up at 4:45. Last year was a huge time commitment, too, but he didn't have people lives in his hands. I can feel his stress. We're already adjusting and I can sense that it will get better as time goes on. Not better in the sense that it will magically become less time consuming, better in that we will adjust. I'm just ready for the end. I'm anxious for what is to come. I'm eager to plateau and settle in to a new norm. Shift work? Yes, please. On call? I'll take it. Weekends that we can actually do stuff? We're going camping!

Random thought #8- The reason Sean should never let me Craigslist: slate. I picked up a lovely "chalkboard" at a garage sale nowhere near our house. I found the garage sale on Craigslist and justified the 40 minute drive b/c the family was raising money to go get their daughter in China. I'm a sucker for adoption stories. I was shocked at people haggling at such a yard sale. Anyways, the chalkboard turned out to be a GIANT piece of slate. The lady that sold it to me sent her husband with it a few days later(as neither of us could lift it into my van), just after Sean had left for school. Oi. Thankfully, our landlord/homeowner stepped in and saved the day. Every time I walk by it(it's probably...5.5 ft wide by 4.5 tall and 100+ lbs), I giggle. :)

Random thought #9- I have reached the post-partum state of hair loss. At the same time, Jude has reached that sticky baby hand phase that just doesn't mix well. I like my hair long, it's curling great at this very moment, yet I want to take a razor to it and call it good. Luckily, a free (enough for a haircut) moment will not arise any time in the next, oh, eighteen months or so.

Random thought #10- My aunt, uncle, and a few of my cousins stopped by this morning on their way through Gem City(still not sure why it's called that...). It was fun. It felt comfortable in the way that family does. We haven't seen each other in years, but there's an undeniable bond that goes beyond our curly hair and dimples that come from the same gene pool. For the first time in my life, we live close enough to my extended family to go visit. Often!

And a totally random picture to round out the post. This was a few weeks ago. Mr. Jude is quite the little beefcake.

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Corey said...

I understand if you have to let the blog go. What do I have to say about it...i basically quit blogging without notice about 7 months ago LOL! Oh well
When you move to California, you all can come to our church...we have a nursery with a speaker back there so new moms can hear the sermon AND let the baby cry and nurse and whatever without sitting in a pew or having to get up and leave in the middle of the meeting. AND we also have plenty of moms to all take turns babysitting so you can actually go sit IN the sanctuary every now and then. :D See why you need to move out here?!! ;-) We do still seem to have that snack problem tho. Luckily my 2 aren't subject to it anymore.
About the MSG thing...I think my kid has an allergy to it to. Jake had that same headache thing a few months ago at my moms. Couldn't figure out how he was having such a horrible headache at 9 years old. The only conclusion I could come to was the food. My mom still has a LOT of processed food in her house and that day had made Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and had a bunch of chips and stuff. I honestly think that was it. I'm not 100% whole foods in my house, but we don't eat stuff like that anymore. He hasn't had a headache since then.