Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Have you determined this house isn't haunted? Because I just had the $%^& scared out of me."-Sean.

He then went on to explain that our closet door opened with a bang. It didn't drift open. It didn't slowly squeak open. He described it as if someone was hiding in the closet, bursting forth. I'd heard him running up the stairs like a scared child. I assumed he was just eager to join yours truly for our nightly consumption of all the snacks I hide from the kids.

"Aaaand you left our four year old down there to fend for himself?"-I asked.
"Best of luck to him."-was his reply.

The story got funnier when I found him standing in the kitchen, staring at the Babysitter. "I'm going to research the swashbuckler."

It is now my goal in life to find the outfit of the man in the painting and leap from the closet dressed just so.


"Today is the first day of school!" I said to Titus.
"I'm gonna take the day off," he replied with a yawn.


Being mindful of proper writing posture, I urged Titus to move his paper a bit to his right while he was mid-letter. I explained that he was reaching all the way across his body to write and it would be easier if he just moved his paper and placed it directly in front of him. Instead, he switched the pencil to his left hand and continued writing. Seamlessly.


Homeschooling three is much different than homeschooling two.
Homeschooling a fifth and third grader is much different than homeschooling a fourth and second grader.
Homeschooling with a four month old is much different than homeschooling without one.

At one point in the day I was calling out spelling words to two different kids, verbally instructing another on a worksheet, and nursing the fourth all at the same time.

That said, it wasn't nearly as overwhelming as I thought it would be.


Ok, I wrote the points above yesterday. Today, I have decided this parenting gig is overwhelming.

It wasn't until I'd breathed a sigh of relief at getting Jude down so I could go back to educating the others only to have a door-to-door salesman ring my doorbell THREE TIMES that I felt a breakdown coming. Feeling my body tense in a pleeeeease-don't-ring-it-again way and then charging down the stairs to attempt a swift punch in the face...alarming. Certainly not the attitude one should have.

I cried a bit after that. Texted my booster/empathy club. Reassessed the situation at hand. Chillaxed. Sat with each kid individually and took the calmer route. Things were much better after that.

After school, we hit the grocery store between thunderstorms.
I washed three loads of laundry.
Mowed the grass between another round of thunderstorms.
To top it all off, I made homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Yaw. And they were awesome, if I do say so myself.

Now, I realize all of the above are in my current job description. I'm not looking for accolades. I'm simply working out in writing all the reasons I need a housekeeper. Is there such-a thing as housekeepers that do laundry and buy groceries?




I just downloaded a bunch of free Lightroom presets. Is it obvious? :) Love these little knuckleheads.


We got to spend a few days with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins in Michigan. We all had a blast and plan to make the trip north as often as possible while we're here. On our last night there, I looked out the window to see my uncle and Mr. T having a fierce sword battle. It was the cutest thing ever! I love this one of an unsuspecting Titus. I hate that he's out of focus, but I love the memory.

Not quite a Ten on Tuesday, but I'm done.


Corey said...

I find it hilarious that Sean is scared of the house! Too funny. Definitely jumping out dressed like the babysitter is a MUST! And maybe have a hidden video camera somewhere :P
I'm still in awe that you all have started school. Titus' comment made me laugh! Starting this early...do you plan on taking some breaks through the year or just plowing through? I'm hoping to plow through this year with a possible "on the road" homeschooling adventure in late August if we go to Wyoming with Pete for a week. The current state of our classroom/office tho....BLAH! it's a total mess. I really need to get on it...August is approaching FAST!
Love all the pics...boy, Jude's looks sure are changing. I still think he looks so much like Simon though...but F and T shine through as well.

rhonda: alpha dog said...

Ah, cute!!! Uncle and T surely had a great time!