Monday, July 08, 2013

on girls

The difference between seven and ten.

me: "Feefs, did you make any friends at church today?"

F: "No<furrowed brow pout>, they're all girls. And one pulled me off the monkey bars!grumblegrumble."

S, piping up, enthusiastically: "I know all the girls names in my class. There's Amber, Molly, Carly...wait, did I say Molly?"

me, to S: "Are there any boys in your class?"

S: "Yeah, one, but I don't know his name."

One other, non-girl related statement: Simon carried a basket of laundry upstairs from the basement the other day. As he all but collapsed on top of it as he dropped it at my feet, "MAN, that is heavy! It's a good thing I work out." 

Just something I want to remember.

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