Wednesday, July 10, 2013

one more day

of being three months old.

On his last day of being three months...
Reading back through the post I did for Mr. T at this age, I'm loving my blog all over again. They are altogether different, yet very much the same. 
Jude is spitting and blowing zerberts like it's his job.
He's sleeping more consistently than Titus was at this age. He goes to bed around 10, wakes up around 5-ish. Sometimes later, sometimes earlier. 
He has never had a bottle. 
He has never been in the nursery at church.
The only time he's been away from me has been while he's asleep. 
He's in 9-12 month clothes, for the most part. 
He loves his brothers and already responds to each of them differently. 
He rubs his face in my neck when he's sleepy. 
He loves stuffed animals. 
He loves baths.
He's a super happy baby, but when he's not, he's like the Incredible Hulk.
He is all about snatching fistfuls of my hair and ripping them from my skull. 
He laughs and coos when he sees himself in the mirror or on the computer screen.
Being with him in public is like being with a movie star. People only acknowledge my presence to get to him. :) 

What else can I say? The kid's a peach. I love him like crazy. 

Titus on his last day of being three months:

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