Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Oh, Tito

Upon hearing what sounded like a watermelon being dropped from a high point, "What was that?!" I yelled into the silence.

<A sob that was failing to be muffled>"My HEEEY-UD!"

"What were you doing?" I called as I ran up the stairs.

"I was just, I was just SITTING on the pillows and I tipped over and bumped my head on the floor," he explained, not even convincing himself.

"Uh-huh..." I began.

"He is LYING!" Felix, entering the scene, not looking altogether innocent himself.

"I abso-wute-wy was NOT jumping off the chair. Especia-wy not the arm of the chair," he continues, pointing at his makeshift diving board by the giant floor pillows.

His forehead should be back to it's normal color soon.


He's all about snakes lately, following a trip to the Zoo and it's Reptile Room. He even managed to catch his Daddy in a moment of generosity and somehow talked him into a giant, stuffed snake at the Zoo gift shop. After swinging it at his brother, one of the eyeballs broke loose, rendering his stuffed toy half blind. His heartbreak is apparent and hilarious. He's been telling anyone who will listen about his one-eyed snake.


He was telling me about a song they sing at church. "That's-a book for me? B-I-E?" He kept peeking at me to see if I was listening. I tried, "The B-I-B-L-E. Yes, that's the book for me..."


His little mind was completely blown. I love his antics and how easy he is to impress.


Sean's bedtime routine with T is a bit different from mine. He flips and tosses and wrestles. My only trick is wrapping Titus up in a bedtime Tito Burrito and then eating his feet. Tonight he asked, "Can you flip me?"

"No, I'm not strong enough."

"Yes, you are strong! I see your muscles! They're right there!" he yelled, grabbing my biceps.


I got a free Kindle. Somehow the kids caught wind of it. Titus was asking to play a game on it.

"Nope. It's too nice of a day for you to sit inside and play games. Next time it rains, you can play," I reasoned.

Downtrodden, he went outside to play with his brothers. A few minutes later, he runs inside to tell me, "Mommy! I prayed to God!"

Having forgotten our earlier conversation, "Awww, you did? What did you pray about?"

"That God would make it rain," said the Impish one with a grin that let me know he knew he'd bested me.


I love comparison shots. T had the blue shirt on the other day and I remembered this picture of Simon and Felix. It was taken in 2009. Simon was 6 and Felix had just turned 4.
A slightly bluer edit...Felix in the red shirt and Titus.

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