Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what a wonderful world

Last week.
During dinner.
Sean was home and we were eating as a family.
Jude wasn't content in the high chair.
Or the bouncy seat.
I ate one handed while holding him on my lap.
After Sean finished, I passed him over & continued my lukewarm meal with two hands.
As the meal was coming to an end, Sean got up with Jude.
He began flying him around the dinner table, buzzing, stinging the other boys with Jude's booty.

Titus was hysterical. Giggling. Shrieking. Smiling so big his eyes disappeared.
Felix was laughing his genuine laugh. The one that isn't forced or fake or obnoxious. The laugh that makes me laugh. The laugh that makes me think that 'happy' was a good name for him.
Simon was chuckling in a way that made me wonder when the heck he grew up. It's deeper than it was not too long ago. A false deep. The kind of deep that isn't quite right for his age, that makes my breath catch.

Taking in the whole scene, I realized it was one of those moments I'll remember forever. The kind of moment that brought tears of gratitude to the One who put us all together. The kind of moment that let me really see each person in this little family of mine.

I don't have a picture, but the thought did cross my mind to grab the camera. It would've ruined the moment, though. The memory has lodged itself in my long term memory bank and that's good enough for me. :)

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