Thursday, September 26, 2013


Titus's Awana verse this week, 1 John 4:10. We went over it at dinner before we left. "God loved us and sent His Son." To remember the reference I told him to think of our neighbor, his age, and Simon's age.

A moment of honesty: Wednesday nights are not always my shining moments of the week. Awana delays bedtime. I live for bedtime. Last week, my Beloved called me on it. "Why go if it turns you into this?"

I could've argued such a rude statement, but honestly "this" was a nice word for how I was acting. He was right. I take an awesome evening of fun and Bible and ruin it by turning into a complete hypocrite at home. I gulped down that jagged piece of truth and vowed to do better this week.

This week brought a third trip to the hospital in as many days. This week brought frustration in the form of military medicine and all it's many, many flaws. This week brought a med tech asking me more questions about my shoes than about why I was there for the third time in as many days. A male med tech, I might add. Granted, my shoes are awesome, but...really man? Huffing my way out of the hospital(again) with no resolution(again), I opted to stop for coffee at the hospital coffee stand. The boys talked me into a cinnamon twist. Before the money had cleared my account from the swipe of the debit card, they were fighting over the cinnamon twists. I bought them each their own, but not fighting would go against their brotherly nature. They chose to fight over who could hold the bag. Seriously?

The fight ended with an attempt to discreetly injure. As I was making the offending party aware that he wasn't discreet enough and he'd been caught, the injured took a swing. Right there in the middle of the hospital in front of God and everybody. The cinnamon twist and no Awana.

Titus scored big. I rashly said, "Titus, you get them all now." I didn't really think he'd eat every single one of them. He did.

My eldest has been particularly rude to his brothers this week. We had a long chat about saying vs. doing. Hypocrisy. We went over what it means to be long suffering. I explained that all four year olds are annoying, it's their job. We talked about our roles in the family. What it means to be the oldest. Responsibilities. We talked about control issues, and sharing control. We discussed the fact that just because someone is younger, it doesn't mean they should never have their own chances to have control over certain things.

Hours later, I asked Felix, "Did you guys make up?"
"Yeah. Well, we didn't talk or anything, but we're both happy now."

Boy fights. Where is the hair pulling and drama and tears? If somebody punched me, I'd have something to say.

I have rambled off topic. It does all least in my mind.

Somehow, they talked me out of the Awana half of their punishment. What can I say? I'm terrible at follow through. Hence the issues we're having. I call it MERCY. Some call it crappy parenting.

Anyhow, I really want to make friends and get involved in our new church. Mercy towards my children seems to benefit me. And backfire on me. Hm, I need to spend some time on that one. Back to the story. I ended up in a women's Bible Study where I was promptly convicted and refreshed all at the same time. I picked up my children an hour later, remembering my vow to myself to end Awana night on a positive note.

The boys even had a chance to build up their brother. All the Awana groups meet together before splitting up into smaller groups. Commander Ed asked if anyone knew the memory verse. Simon said nobody raised their hand and after a bit, Titus's hand shot up from his stroller(his makeshift wheel chair). They brought the microphone over and he said his verse. Granted, it wasn't the correct verse, but it was the one we'd studied over dinner.

"God loves us and sent His Son," he said.
"Good job!" Commander Ed said, "What's your name?"
Silly boy replied, "John!"

And the crowd went wild. :)


Brown English Muffin said...

wow the mother of 4 boys...your life always leaves my jaw a jar...but in a good way don't worry.

rhonda: alpha dog said...

Oh, I laughed out loud at Titus! If he were here, I'd have hugged and kissed those sweet cheeks!