Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week in the Life: Monday

I haven't done this project in a few years. I love it, though, so I'm going to give it another shot. Truth be told, I see that our forecast is going from 95 today, to a high of 70(that's SEVEN-TY, with a seven and a zero) by weeks end. I imagine FALL COMING will inspire me to snap some shots.

School. I love that we're eight weeks in already. :D
Tito's desk.
Taking a break.

On the phone with Shutterfly. My last order was beyond terrible. Even one of the boys asked, "What's wrong with your pictures?!" We shall see if they've resolved the issue when my next package comes. Even so, I am done ordering from them. I shall fall victim to their cheap prints no more! Aside from the crap quality, their shipping times are ridiculous given what they charge for it. Their customer service was excellent help...once I finally got through to them. Aaaaand, end rant.
Mr. T.
I got a "break." Apparently, when you have four children, it's a "break" to only have to take one to the grocery store. I thank my lucky stars that I was so fortunate to be able to run to the grocery store after standing in a hot, government building for 40 minutes to return party games. All I needed was alcohol to call it a party once I hit the library. I'm all wild and crazy like that. Good times running through the rows of books trying to find that ONE needle in a haystack while trying to shush a tired, hungry baby who needs a diaper change. Feeding him in the parking lot was just the icing on the cake to my wild day out. Good "break."

My intended audience will never even read this. Feels good to vent though.

 Oi, his leg...13 more days until the recheck. Praying it's all healed up and he can get that anchor taken off!
Titus got a set of dinosaurs from Grandma and it's all he wants to play with these days. All day long he begs his brothers to play with him. I love that they finally acquiesced.

He's awake.

 "We ditch the others and you bring me to the grocery store? Seriously?"
 Ah, my intended audience...Giving me a smooch before my "break."

 Bi-polar baby.
 Mowing the lawn has lost it's allure.
 Our crap-the-meat-didn't-thaw dinner.

 More laundry. Funny, every day seems to begin and end with laundry.

A funny story that I did not get a picture of: The Principal came home early. "Pretend I'm not here," he said. "I have some work to do." Off he went to his office. A short time later, he entered the scene to correct some ill-timed behavior in the midst of our history lesson. He swiftly confiscated a magic wand from Felix that was given to him at his birthday party. I tried reeeeeally hard to contain my laughter. I was mostly successful. It was only when I requested a picture that he realized the magic cord had slowly been sliding from the magic wand as he pointed it to and fro between the kids, singling out whom he was speaking to. He makes me laugh, even when he doesn't give in to my picture taking requests.


Jude said...

you are a much better person than I... I can't keep up with a whole week yet... ;)
Still can't believe how Titus is always smiling despite the cast. too much.

Corey said...

So how did T break his leg anyway? I LOVE the drawing on his cast. I'm guessing that's Sean's artwork?
Did Shutterfly give you your money back?
Looks like maybe their printer was out of blue or red ink? I think that's what happened with my friends Christmas cards too.

Brown English Muffin said...

"Our crap-the-meat-didn't-thaw dinner." I feel your pain on this one