Thursday, September 12, 2013

WITL Tuesday & Wednesday

It's Thursday and I'm still taking pictures. Not many, but enough to get this project done. Our lives seem pretty (fighting not to use the word boring) scheduled these days.

 Peekaboo at the breakfast table.


 This one always looks like he's scheming...

 Reading on the couch. Yep, still in my jammies. Don't be jealous.

Grilling dinner while playing dinosaurs with Tito. 
 A quick trip to the grocery store close to bedtime=two sleepy babies. 


A lesson on why we use a spoon to scoop yogurt. 

Titus's leg scratcher.
Titus asked to take some pictures. The giant pear blocking J's face actually adds to this picture for me. It's his favorite food. I also really like the shadow of the bird on the wall. Good stuff, Mr. T.

 He got this one, too. That Simon is a peach. Or a pear. 
Felix got the next few. I wonder if they'll remember me as a tired old hag...
 I lovelovelove the look on Jude's face. :D He loves his big brother. 

One of my library books.
A break to color at the top of the stairs. Poor guy. We're running out of things to do very quickly. 11 more days til his recheck. I am hoping beyond all hopes that his bone is healed so he can get the cast off.

 Little turd only sleeps soundly when I need to get out the door. How do they know?
 Peas and carrots. He's not a fan.
 Getting around. 

 Making sure he doesn't fall out of the chair. :)

 The big boys' first night of Awana. I didn't get any shots of them in their shirts, but I got these while we were waiting at pick up. 
The C17 was flying back and forth across the sunset. It was amazing. I wish I'd had my big camera. 
 Dinner for me.