Monday, September 16, 2013

WITL: the weekend

I followed through with the photo taking part of Week In the Life. Now to print and create something with them...I have high hopes and good intentions.

There are so many funny little things I want to remember from this very ordinary week.

Like hearing Sean ask Simon to run something to the basement. "You guys can run up and down the stairs much easier than your mother and I. We're in our thirties!" Speak for yourself, old man! I'm still plenty spry to get up and down stairs.

At our grocery store, they've decorated for Halloween already.'s a bit lackluster if you ask me. And my four year old. All they did was throw up some cobwebs on the checkout lights. "Daddy?" asked Titus. "Is it Halloween time?" Sean answered with a smile, "Naw, they just have cobwebs all over." He thought on it the whole way through the store and finally concluded, "Hm. They must have a lotta Cobs."

Same store, same night, parking lot. Sean decided to mess around and let the cart roll a little ways(seriously, maybe a couple feet) with Titus still in it. He played like he couldn't catch it. Ask me how funny this turned out to be. There were no issues at that exact moment, but every time I put the wee man in a cart now, he freaks the heck out. FREAKS. OUT. I can't let go of the cart. At all. He latches on to our wrists to make sure. It's awesome and makes me want to inflict serious punishment on Sean. Such as, grocery shopping with an oversized infant, a four year old with a broken leg, and two juvenile delinquents who can't get along in grocery stores.

Friday, in pictures:
It was a bit chilly out, so Jude got to wear a hand-me-down jogging suit from Titus. I love these of Sean trying to get him dressed. The blur! Getting this kid dressed is a task. :)

 Simon caught this one of Jude on my hip. I love it. 
 We headed to a local Native American archaeology site. Interesting story on how it was found and the fight to keep the land from being taken over by a sewage treatment plant, but was kinda lame. 
 A fake owl. 
 A cold, bored Titus.

 The following are all iphone pics and I'm too lazy to go back and put them in order...

Friday morning discussions betwixt the little two.
 A fossil/mineral/gem excavation kit we got at the Indian Village. Simon's convinced his jade rock is worth money. :)

 We headed to a farmer's market we hadn't been to before. It was awesome. Our farmers from our regular market were there. They recognized us. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

 They had a bunch of trucks set up for the kids. Simon asked this cement truck operator if he could have a turn operating the cement hose that was a bazillion feet in the air. 
 At home, we made a family favorite: Gyros. 
 Then we had a movie night. Jude was the star.Wee one can sit up. :/

Saturday started off as all Saturdays in our house do: too early. 
Titus said his leg had a headache. 
 I started soaked pancakes the night before, but Sean was wary. So I made regular buttermilk pancakes to go with. Turns out, the healthy pancakes were preferred by all. I am so intrigued by soaking now. I want to soak everything!

 The greatest drying rack ever. My sister told me about it! $15 at Ikea and you can dry an entire load and then some. I wish I'd had it this summer. 
 Nasty farmers market cake. We gave it to the kids...
 I had grand plans to take a nature hike, but the boys wanted to play with their neighborhood buddy. Neighborhood buddy ate all the nasty cake. 
 This was Felix letting me know what he thought of his buddy eating all the cake.

 Looking red...
 Making chicken stock.
 Hello, Handsome.

 After the aforementioned cart scaring stunt. 
 Notice the distrustful grip.

 A Meijer run for a crib toy that we were hoping will make Judelet sleep.

 Precious, precious boy.
Sunday: busy, busy day.

Jude went to the nursery for the first time ever and did GREAT.
Sean checked his phone obsessively, waiting for the text that he was freaking out.
We decided that if he made it the entire service, we'd go forward to join our church.
We sat ever so freely for an entire hour.
I stared at all the other babies in the sanctuary.
Sean kept poking me and whispering, "Avert your eyes, Woman."
We went forward to join our church.
We spoke with a deacon.
We committed ourselves to three functions at three different places at the same time.
Stopped by Meijer again to return crib toy that does nothing to make Judelet sleep.
Sean made a special stop(complete with a detour, Uturn, and longest stoplight EVER) to get me(& himself) a coffee.
Sean ran to the stinking base for work info with 1/2 the kids as his out rotation to the VA is over.

 A cake pop from the candy man at church. Ironically, the man is a personal trainer. Yet, he passes out the worst crap to the kids. Job security, I suppose.
 Simon got T a tiny little dinosaur from the treasure box at church. Titus named him, "Tinysaur." :)
 Other than the dinosaurs, his favorite toy of late is a syringe Sean brought home from work. Unused, I might add. Though, it was funny to hear, "Gavin, give Titus back his...syringe?" when we ran in to a friend at the grocery store the other day. Hopefully his playing with syringes is just a phase.

It was cold enough Sunday morning for him to wear this awesome sweater. :D:D I love it so much!

 Tito and I made chicken and dumplings for the gang. 
S&F went bowling. T was supposed to go to craft/movie night, but we were too late. We ended up at a Sunday School party/function type thing at someone's house. 

And that's it. A week in our lives. 

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