Friday, October 11, 2013

7 months


He has two teefers on the bottom.
 He is sitting up like a champ. He likes to launch himself only when sitting on concrete. 
Cute as can be, but still not sleeping through the night.
Hard to believe it's the same baby. :(

 He started this wide open mouth smile thing within just the last two days.
 He's also started shrieking. For fun. He shrieks in the car at nighttime, not for fun.
 He is a lover of food. He's never had a single bite of baby food. We went straight for the real stuff. He loveloveloves hummus. And butternut squash. And broccoli. He had his first bite of something sweet: just the teensiest nibble of a homemade chocolate chip cookie and only because I was in the middle of cooking dinner and needed just five more minutes...he's a fan. He's since had a teensy taste of cupcake(no icing). 
 The neighbors dog would not stop barking at us. Jude was very interested in what he had to say.

I caught them accidentally getting along and happened to have the camera nearby:
 I love the stuff of life going on. The eyes being rubbed. Animal cookies being consumed. Angry Birds being played. A birthday present in the background. The ever-present yellow quilt. 
 And then I asked them to scootch a little closer to one another. Rearrange.
 I should've known better.
 The way it all unfolds makes me giggle, though.
 I don't believe I've ever received a DOUBLE "hurry up and take the picture!" stare. :D


Brown English Muffin said...

Every time I come to your blog I want boys....they're just so much easier I could scream...we did the same thing with Baby baby food (have you tasted that stuff anyway?) we went right to blending up whatever we were having for dinner that night.

Corey said...

That last pic had me laughing!! Titus and Simon hahah!!! Felix looks very unamused and Jude looks like he's ready to take anyone and everyone out with that fist!
Is that the cream tone preset in lightroom in those first couple pics? I just love that preset.
I can't believe he's 7 months old.

rhonda: alpha dog said...

Oh, that's too cute! Titus seemed okay with it all till the last one. Hehehe!