Friday, November 08, 2013

Random things I want to remember.

Titus calls Jude "Jutes." 

 Jude's constant "dada dada da daaaaaa" and his scrunched up face.

 Simon has the furrowed brow of a teenager all the time lately. All the time.

Felix thinks the world is out to get him. He is very middle child. For instance: "Such and such at church is SO MEAN. He yelled at me to knock if off." After further inquiry..."All I was doing was blowing my whistle over and over." Yeah.

 The yellow. Oh, the yellow. 
Giving Sean the "don't you dare squeak another floorboard!!!!" wave as I was rocking the baby back to sleep. I had doubts that he caught the daggers shooting out of my eyeballs, but as he gently put Titus back into bed after a mid-night potty run, I knew he got 'em. He put him down so gently and kissed the top of his head. I was already melting as he tiptoed from the room, stepping lightly, trying to avoid the squeaky floorboards. Something about that moment in the dead of night, being parents, bonding silently, cuddling a boy was very happily-ever-after in a way that Hollywood could never even come close to portraying.

We're at this weird stage of waiting right now. Waiting on school to hurry up. Sean is currently at his second out rotation site and it just feels like THE END should be closer than a year away. I know it'll be here in no time at all, but things sure are dragging lately.

On that note, the Joker is awake.

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