Thursday, December 19, 2013



This kid.
In my mother's(it's like a mind's eye, but weepier) eye, he still looks just exactly the same as he did at three and four and…
This boy who wants nothing more from us than time. 
Who loves his guitar and MacGyver and the puff pastry I put on top of chicken pot pie.
This boy who likes wearing ties and is going just a teeeeeensy bit girl crazy lately. 
Who has overcome his fear of singing in public.
This boy who is very money conscious, but still has a hard time not spending it on gum.
This guy who likes knives and cars and thinks he'll be gifted a car the day he turns 16. 
My boy.
The one who I count on to watch over his littlest brother while I cook.
The boy who makes his own breakfast.
Who drinks coffee on Sunday mornings.
This kid who taught me how to be a mama.
Who we have made so many parenting mistakes with along the way.
But…have had some pretty big successes with, too.

This boy is looking and acting much less like a boy and so much more like a young man.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to an awesome young man!