Tuesday, December 03, 2013

One post?!

One post in November?! That can't be. I have way too much to say to just post once a month. I don't want to let this little record of daily life go. I keep thinking I'll have just a tiny bit of free time again one day. I hope one day isn't when blogs are a thing of the past.

I want to remember that Jude started saying mama and dada in November.
I want to remember that his sleep schedule stinks.
I want to remember that his daddy started sleep training of sorts on Dec1, errr Dec2 at 12:20 a.m.
I want to remember that our version of sleep training is just coming to the realization that our eight month old smirks when we pick him up. SMIRKS, I tell you. He knows he's the king of the castle. How did we get four kids in and still not know such things can and will happen?

I knew it would happen. Yet, I couldn't stop cuddling and snuggling and breathing in his stubbornness to put his butt in his own bed.

I want to remember Sean explaining what that "pink building with flashy lights" is to the boys. And Simon asking, completely incredulous, "Women get PAID to do that?!" and "They can go home and feel good about themselves after doing something like that?!" Oh, the conversations we have. How did such a subject come up, you ask? We live in North Dayton. If you know anything about North Dayton, you're nodding and saying, "Enough said."

I want to remember Simon saying, "I don't think Felix is ready for this," as we delved into Science today. *sigh* Puberty is why God gave me boys. Sean says that doesn't let me off the hook. I says it does. I always planned to be that mom that could talk about anything with my kids. Turns out, I still giggle at all the wrong times. I'm joking. Sorta.

Let's see…what else?

I had so much more to say, but without all the kids around my ankles, vying for my attention, I've suddenly run out of thoughts. I guess I only feel the urge to communicate when they won't allow it.

Pictures from November:

 We had our first snowfall. We're ready for REAL snow. This was lame. 
 Not good enough snow to pack, but angels were made. 

 This guy turned eight months old on the snow day. 
 Heee, I love him.

 This guy managed to stockpile some ice balls. He waited and waited and waited for Sean to get home and then ambushed him.
Sean turned on him. :D
What else…We visited a farm and finally made a bulk purchase of beef. It's so awesome getting to chat with farmers. They let us nose around in the barn for a bit and mama pig was very curious as to who was poking around near her babies. I want to blow this picture up wallpaper size. :)
My mom came for a visit. I was able to go to the dentist. Get a haircut. Go out for a kid-free breakfast with a new friend. Go on a date with Sean. She and I went outlet shopping during that terrible wave of tornados that came through. Yikes. *Little known fact: if you lock your keys in the car, the dealership will make you a valet key for $10 if you have the vin# and you insurance information. It was a great, great visit. 
I never get pictures of this boy. He's so handsome. "Give it here, Simon! I'll show you how a real man grinds cheese." True dinner time story. The cheese was parmesan.
Rounding out our November was Thanksgiving. Two years in a row with two of the families. The four menfolk were classmates in DC. Sean, the one with the ladder sticking out of his head{Chris} and the super tall one{Jeremy} are all in the RNA program. The one right next to Sean is in the FNP program. 

He's Superman. Jeff. He and Rhonda lived just down the street from us in Texas, unbeknownst to us women. Our friendship didn't kick in until DC. The day before Thanksgiving last year, Sean and I were at a doctor's appointment. As we were leaving the base, Sean got a text. I read it out loud as he drove. Jeff was telling Sean he had just ben diagnosed with cancer. 

One year later, we got to celebrate THANKSGIVING with them again. Jeff is cancer free and on his way back to the school house. He really is a super, super man. And that wife of his is pretty super, too. 

The other two women have been security blankets. We were lucky enough to get to stick together another year. Our kids are buddies. We really GET what each other is going through as our husbands get through this program. We vent, we encourage, we vent…It's creepy how similar the guys are. In looks, in temperament, in aggravating-ness.

The four families together.
I can't wait to see how our lives continue to intertwine. 
I'm excited to see where God leads. 
p.s. look at Simon's grin. That boy makes me laugh. "Which one is he grinning about?" Sean asked. hehehe, I can't say. Felix combed his hair for one of them, too. Legitimately slicked it back, with a part and all. What an awesome bunch God has surrounded me with.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh! C might not like the part about these new girls. ;)


Corey said...

What an update! I love it. Love the pig nose pic! :)
How is homeschooling going?