Tuesday, December 10, 2013


More snow than my kids have ever experienced. It's been fun. It's still here as I type with more in the forecast.

Here are 50bazillion pictures from our last few days.
 Wee man is entertaining his big brother more and more these days. 

 They still have a few things to learn about snow…like the fact that plastic wheels don't turn in snow.
 And if you eat it, your face gets cold.

And if you sled down the driveway, your path will turn into solid ice and your father will not be happy. Even if your mother said it would happen. To your father. And he condoned, nay, joined in on the driveway sledding because it was more fun than sledding in the deeper snow on the grass.

And if you bury your face in the snow and your mother tells you, "Your face is going to hurt," it will hurt.

( Hello, Teenage attitude problem at not even teen age.)
And if your mother tells you that you may have a candy cane from the tree AFTER playing outside and you sneak three from the tree and forget about them in your pocket, thus smashing them all to peppermint dust whilst playing…you will not get another one. Because they are tree decor as our entire ornament collection has still not been found. And because they're 'no artificial flavors or colors or sweeteners', which equates to…expensive.
 And…babies don't like being restricted by warm clothing. Not one bit.
 As evidenced by my crab. I mean "CRAB" in many senses of the word. Grrrr.
Snowday one ended with many lessons. The most important being: alwaysalwaysalways LISTEN TO THE MAMA.


 This just happens to be a very pretty place we go to get milk.

 Sunday brought the kid's Christmas play at church. They have one hot piano player...
Simon and Felix were both wisemen and shepherds. Felix was upset that he didn't get a part in the play. By Sunday morning he had two parts. :) Luckily, they both knew every line in the entire play and they both did great.

 A few of their lady friends showed up to watch the play…:)

 Little slug is so close to crawling. 

 He hatehatehates his coat. And hats, gloves, shoes...

But did manage to forget all that for a minute. No worries, he only lasted one trip down the hill and back up. No fingers were lost in the making of this memory.

 See? Happy. For a sec.
 This guy was so excited about the blue crystals he found in the salt bucket. :/ 

And that's it. Good times. I don't have pictures of the ice rink our driveway became despite an entire bag of salt Sean put out. Scary stuff this black ice. We're learning. We like the snow. In small doses. It's fun to play in and look at, but driving in it is the pits. 


Corey said...

Mama knows best! LOVE all these pictures! We had snow not too far from us this weekend. It has been SO cold here for 2 weeks now. Anyway Jake and Pete went hunting in the snow all weekend and Jake was MISERABLE LOL! He takes after me in the hatred of coldness. haha.
So we're good with just looking at your snow pictures :D
Simon is looking so grown up….he turns 11 this week, right? Goodness.
I have to admit…screaming baby in a sled is quite hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing! I can't blame him either.

nikih said...

Love all the pictures! Miss all those boys!!! Simon and Felix look like they made perfect wisemen and shepards! Looks like they have had fun in the snow. Love you all! Niki

Jude said...

I LOVE the photos. Those boys are getting SO big, especially Simon. He looks like a teenager ;)
glad you are getting your snow... by April you may not be so fond of it though, just warning from my WNY upbringing ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like SO much fun! Miss you!


kimrairdon said...

Love Love Love!!!!