Friday, January 31, 2014

fits and starts

My brain only works in fits and starts these days. There is so much I want to do and say and write down and remember.

-A friend called mid-bread baking today in need of a loaf pan. I don't believe I've ever had anyone borrow anything from my kitchen. I felt all neighborly and…home. I liked it.

-It snowed again today. Just a little bit. None of us batted an eyelash, just kept running errands. Driving in the snow feels normal.

-I'm ready for Spring. I dream about it. I yearn for the warmth of the sun on bare arms. NOW I get why there are so many people out and about during the Spring and Summer. I told Sean that not a day will go by that we aren't outside once the sun comes back.

-I'm so tired of Facebook. I'm tired of the negativity. I'm tired of the complaining. Do people have no filter? It's one thing to think something or even say something, but to type it out and post it for all the world to see? I don't even mind the broad complaints about life, it's really the husband and kid complaints that bug me. Silly how something so useless can drag so many of us IN and DOWN. Like a train wreck, I still find myself peeking in. I take for granted how many people I communicate with via FB for things that are actually beneficial.

-When we first moved here, I bought a chalkboard at a yardsale. It was to benefit the adoption of a little girl from China. That happened way back in June, in a part of town 40+ minutes from me. I nevereverever go there.

Fast forward some…I met this lady at church. She checks the kids into the nursery and her husband is a deacon who interviewed us when we joined the church. They are ex-military, so we have a few things in common. Over the last several months she's been updating us on a pending adoption her daughter is involved in. Week after week she'd share little things and a month or so ago she showed me a picture of this little girl who is soon to be her granddaughter. Two weeks ago at the roller rink, she held Jude so I could join in on the fun. Every few laps I'd sit and talk with her about her daughter and adoption and such.

Just the other day, I noticed a post from her daughter on her Facebook wall. Lo and behold, her daughter is the woman I bought the chalkboard from. What are the odds? Such a crazy little coincidence that has had me shaking my head.

-The boys have been looking through the scrapbooks more often lately. I relocated them from my office to a more accessible place. I've been thinking a lot about things I would scrapbook if I still scrapbooked. Project Life is still in progress, always, but it's not the same. It's a great system, but I'm not as aware of the passing phases that I used to be.

In one of my middle of the night pondering sessions with Jude, I thought, "If I still scrapbooked, I'd scrapbook _____." One of the things is the fact that he has a white noise machine, a small fan/heater, and an essential oil diffuser blowing puffs of "Calm and Sleepy-or some such ineffective combo" into his nostrils and yet he still doesn't sleep.

I'd scrapbook that when I pick him up, he won't just sit on my hip. He scissors his legs in such a fashion that he can wiggle into the preferred position of having his food at the ready.

I'd want to remember that he leaves a trail now. Like the slime of a snail, he leaves his socks. He typically leaves spitballs of some kind as he always has to rip paper with his teeth and have a lil sample. He leaves toys, of course.

His favorite thing to do when I'm in the kitchen is play at my feet. He pulls out and pushes shut the stove drawer over and over. He's also pretty fond of the purple onions I keep at the bottom of the pantry. He hasn't taken a bite yet, but I assume that's coming soon.

-Sean challenged me to read the Bible in 90 days with him. It's tough to just read and not stray down to my commentary. I think I've already botched up the 90 day thing, but I do plan to continue using the guide, just may take a bit longer. I've read probably 90% of the Bible, book by book, but never in a set time period. And never without skipping a few genealogies or tabernacle guidelines if I'm being honest.

I'm finishing up Exodus and have wanted to skip, but keep reminding myself that everything is in there for a reason. As I was reading through the steps and rules for sacrifices I was a bit overwhelmed FOR the Israelites. It was so involved and specific and never ending. It hit me in the midst of it that Jesus didn't just save us from the wrath of God, he saved us from a whole lotta work. Works. Work and works! It makes his sacrifice on the cross that much more amazing. The "it is finished," so much more powerful.

I could go on!

But…I hear footsteps above me an hour and a half after bedtime. Must go investigate.


Jude said...

Chalkboard connections. Love it.
I always skip genealogies. Yep, true story. I love the bot about Jude leaving a trail like the slime of a snail! ha!
I am a big believer in hiding stupid people on FB. No, I don't want to hear you go on and on about the 50 TV shows in your DVR, your political opinions, or how mad you are that they closed school. (seriously, how can a SAHM be pissed about that? All the working moms, they should be the ones griping. SMH)

Anonymous said...

I love hearing about not-so-random connections and how we meet people at just the right times in our lives! God is so good! We are in Leviticus right now and the sacrifices are overwhelming to me.

Miss you!

Melissa said...

we are reading THE STORY at church this cuts out the genealogies and some of the guidelines, but it's getting us into discussion about the books we often don't read all of...