Thursday, January 23, 2014

Once upon a time

it was sunny out. Sunny doesn't always usually mean warm, but I somehow hornswaggled Sean into going for a hike. "Hats & gloves!" I bellowed up the stairs. As Sean came in from warming up the car, because we have to do that now, he mentioned, "No! It's nice out! They don't need hats and gloves!"

Anything above freezing now qualifies as "nice."

That said, we were down in canyons and in shady places. Hats were a must.

We chose somewhere close(Charleston Falls), but pretty. I'd mentioned to Sean earlier in the week that the kids were fighting constantly due to being cooped up. We hadn't left the house in days and everyone of us was tired of staring at each other. Sean argued that leaving the house wouldn't quell the fighting. I begged to differ.

And I was almost right. So close. With the car in view, the scene happened just as Sean predicted. 

"That's MY stick!" one roared. 

In the middle of the woods. 


As we were already out and about, Sean took us to lunch. We never eat out anymore and I was reminded why. Our waitress, in this tiny diner(Sam & Ethels) in Small Town(Tipp City, OH), USA was the worst waitress we've ever had. Think of all the ways you've been mistreated as a paying customer and add to that…she rolled her eyes at us. ROLLED THEM. Knowing I could see her do so. Her service was almost as bad as the food. 


Lessons learned from this experience:
Hikes are always worth it.
Kids will fight anywhere.
Kids will fight over anything.
Always read the negative YELP reviews.
My food, even my worst cooking, is better than any restaurant. 

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