Friday, January 31, 2014

one on one

We've been attempting more one on one time with each of the boys. It's tough with Sean's schedule changing every month and with there being so many of them. Almost a year after birthing Jude, I still miscount dinner plates. Yeah, he already requires his own plate. He ate more chicken pot pie than I did last night.

Simon is the easiest and most helpful, so he tends to get way more one on one time than the others. Felix prefers staying home to running errands, so he gets the least amount of individual attention.
Titus nags incessantly from the moment he hears about a trip to the store, so we hide outings from him.
Jude has been along for the ride for the last ten months, but is able to detach from me for longer periods of time which has allowed for more time for the others.

Felix and Sean went out a few weeks ago. He's the fun parent. I don't even try to fight it anymore. The purpose of their outing was new tires for Sean's go cart. Luckily, the tire place was near the mall. They went in search of haircuts. Sean was unaware that shopping malls don't open until ten. With two hours to kill, they decided to walk mall like the old folks.

By walk I mean run. And holler Mall Cop phrases such as, "But what we do have are our VOICES!" They also entered a drawing for a new car or $50,000. They opted to use "Butts, Seymour" as their first entry. After all that fun, they found themselves outside the food court. Sean is all about doing things I'd never do. On that particular day, he raised his eyebrows towards the giant chicken. Felix fessed up over dinner that Pops treated him to Chic-fil-A. :)

Felix keeps referring to the day as his best day ever.

A few days later, it was my turn with Tito.

He wanted a strawberry drink and cake pop from Starbucks and a trip to the park. Starbucks didn't have a single seat open, so we sat in the car and sipped our drinks. Then decided it was too cold for the park. He asked to go to the toy store, but we were short on time. Thankfully, I picked the Dollar Tree and not Dollar General. The Dollar Tree, while sucking a quick $5 from my pocket for toys I knew wouldn't make it to the end of the day…at least wasn't being robbed at the exact moment we were there. The Dollar General just miles from our house was on the news that very evening. No joke.

After the Dollar Tree fun of a cop set, a fuzzy worm, and a puzzle, he changed his mind about it being too cold for the park. We were the only ones that thought it was warm enough and had the whole place to ourselves. The place was completely under water the week before Christmas, so it was a muddy, treacherous game of tag.

But the boy had fun...

  and so did I.

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Jude said...

i cannot tell your how hard i laughed at "butts seymour" and mall cops. and your utter resignation that sean in the fun parent. ha!