Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ten on Tuesday/Wednesday

I have three barely started blog posts that I could probably compile into a Ten on Tuesday. Jude is sleeping and the other three aren't currently trying to dismantle electronics or knock each other out. Perhaps I can make it to ten…

1- Sometimes God blows my little mind in big ways. A little back story: a childhood friend of mine via the Air Force set me up with some connections in Dayton before we moved here.

At the same time, another military friend, completely unrelated to that connection put me in touch with a friend of hers here in Dayton. All connections were made via Facebook. I didn't take it much beyond that.

One day at the grocery store, months after we moved here, a lady and I started chatting. We made the Air Force connection pretty quickly and kept comparing notes on wheres and who's and whens. Towards the end of our conversation I said, "I have a friend that is in your field, but they live in California." Unbeknownst to either of us, we'd met before through that friend. Long story short, we inadvertently met again and became fast friends.

A few days ago on FB, Connection #1 posted a picture and Connection #2's kid was in this group shot. How funny that they don't know each other, but I know each of them. This world(this military!!) is just smallsmallsmall and I wonder how many of these connections we miss every day.

Re-reading that, it probably makes no sense to anyone, but it was a fun coincidence that I want to remember.

2- I didn't take a single picture of Jude on his first Christmas. Not even a phone picture. O-o
3- I've been making up for it with non-holiday, every day photos like his first experience with noodles:

4- And his mad peek-a-boo skillZ. "Ya feelin' peeky, Punk? Well, are ya?"

5- You'll notice half the gang is in footies. I bought these when I realized we moved to a state of liars. "Mild winters," we heard time and again. Last night, as ice collected on the INSIDE of my windows, I got all kinds of maternal and just started layering. Jude went to bed in a long sleeved onesie and knee high socks, covered by the footie jammies and a pair of thick sweats over the top. He also had a quilt on him and a small heater in his room. He let me know it was overkill 'round about the time I got comfy and warm in my frigid bed.

6- Mr. T has the warmest spot in the entire house. His bed is positioned right next to a huge vent. Still, he's a fan of the footies. :)

7- One of the family changes we're trying to implement this year(see how I sidestep the word resolution?) is how and when and how often we read the Bible. How easily Bible reading takes a back seat to so many other unimportant things. If we as Christians truly value it as the Word of God, how can we possibly allow that to happen? I don't get so busy that I forget to eat or text or Facebook, how can I be so quick to take advantage of Grace? Not a day goes by that I ignore coffee, but I surely do ignore my Savior. <sigh> We've been more intentional the last few days. Purposeful. Trying to make it a steadfast habit, not one that waxes and wanes with my laziness and/or selfishness. Today we read Acts 12-28. Further testimony to the LIVING part of the Living Word, I've read this passage many, many times, but today it hit me differently. It's so good it needs it's own point…

8- The whole story is awesome, but the part that brings me to tears is in Acts 26:28-29

Then Agrippa said to Paul, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.” 

And Paul said, “I would to God that not only you, but also all who hear me today, might become both almost and altogether such as I am, except for these chains.”

Almost and altogether such as I am.

Such as I am. Saved by grace. A sinner through and through with nothing to save me but the shed blood of Christ who has defeated death. 

Can't you just hear the plea in Paul's voice? Do you feel it in your own soul? Do you, Christian, want to just fall apart in the midst of our society as you see so much hopelessness? 

9- While on the subject, one of Felix's Awana teachers died last week. Her name came up this morning over breakfast. "Did you know Ms. Thelma, Felix?" His little eyes lit up at the recognition before he remembered, "Yeah! She was one of my Awana teachers," he said, with a little catch in his voice. I caught the past tense. They told the kiddos at church on Sunday. "Was she nice?" I asked. 

"She was better than nice!"

What an honor. To be remembered as "better than nice" by the most honest of people, children. 

10- Blogger jacks up pictures now by auto enhancing. In order to disable it, you have to connect through google+ & mess with settings and blahblahblah. Guess who's too lazy(read: smart) to join yet another info collecting form of social media. Just pretend my sepia images are actually perfectly toned black & whites. 

Felix's goal in life is to make a face in every single picture I take of him. It's hilarious and aggravating.

I got to chat with my nephew this afternoon for the first time in forever and ever. His voice has changed. I can't get over it. I know time is coming to steal my little boys away in the name of manhood and I'm having a hard time accepting it.

I'll end it here now that I'm mourning the loss of youth. I think I'll go bake something.


Brown English Muffin said...

It always amazes me that as big as the world is, it's still so small. I think I need to find a book to read to help me understand that one. When I USED to spend mindless hours on fb I was always suprised at how many of the people on my friends list were connected in one way or another but I didn't know.

You need to invest in an electric blanket for your bed. Ours goes on about 2 hours before bed time, it makes the bed seem less frigid. But I'm a fan of the footies regardless...espcially at Christmas.

My daughter promptly turned around last night and informed me that I'm not a good Christian as I never go to mass with her only daddy takes her to mass. Like you mentioned I put other things first, I'm usually at home prepping dinner while she's in mass or starting the first of many loads of laundry.

"better than nice" made me smile!

Funny I use Google+ in place of FB now....but yes one more social engineering project that's definitely collecting your data with it being owned by Google! LOL

Corey said...

The world is so small isn't it…it's crazy the connections we all have even though the world seems so large.
We started having regular family devotions every night about a year ago. We do it directly after dinner, before everyone clears the table. We read in the bible, sing a song and then have a family prayer. As much as it was kind of hard to get used to at first, I think it's helped us all with our faith and definitely my eagerness to pray for others. I often wouldn't take the time to do so otherwise, shamefully. Anyway, dinner time really works for us, you know, we're all there anyway so why not then.
Is it getting any warmer in OH yet? What a way to experience your first "winter"! Yikes!!