Sunday, February 16, 2014


His mama quota of pictures is never met. I hooked him this week. I can't remember what he asked for in return for this little set, but he never lets me get pictures for nothing...
 He's the quickest to laugh. 
He can dish it out, continuously.
He can't take it, ever. 
He instigates. 
He picks. OOH, he picks on his brothers.
He can't stand to be left out of anything.
He is in the midst of his first real crush and it's the most precious thing. 
Especially since the feeling is mutual. 
Any time her name is mentioned, he giggles uncontrollably. 
When his brothers try to make him mad by speaking of his love for this girl, 
he doesn't even try to deny it. 
 He is so completely his own person. As much as Simon cares about his appearance, this guy is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Last week I told them, "Get your clothes picked out for church." He replied, "It doesn't take me any time to pick out my clothes, I just get what's on top."

He makes life simple.
His emotions are simple. 
His decisions are simple. 
He is the most straightforward person.
He doesn't shy away from the truth. 
He'll hurt your feelings with that truth, but at least you're aware of your flaws.
He is slow to get things done, but he always gets them done. 
For instance, taking out the trash may involve a bug hunt, an ice sculpture, a full garage exploration, perhaps a drawing...
 He's a perfectionist. 
He gets discouraged easily, but never quits.
He does not take injustices easily. 
He knows when something isn't right and if it isn't corrected quickly, he can't let it go.
He has empathy. 
His hair is the only in the family that I can cut successfully. 
He is hilarious and doesn't try. Which makes him even funnier.
He is the definition of middle child. 

And I lovelovelovelovelove that he humored me by wearing overalls for a picture or two(or 128). 


Jude said...

I love this list.
Probably because so many are SO Emerson.
I'm going to try and be more intentional with the photo shoots this year, you've inspired me ;)

Corey said...

I love it!
where do you find suspenders for little boys?!