Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The kiddos always want a treat from Starbucks when we go to the commissary. It's hard to fend them off when I'm typically stopping in for a treat for myself. I am not one to shy away from saying no and consuming my sugary beverage in their presence, but lately…they've been treating. They know my weaknesses and they capitalize on them greatly.

Last week, the littlest booger fell asleep before we could make it into Starbucks. As it's one on base, I felt safe letting the two big ones go in alone. I parked in the line of vision of the barista should an issue arise when my eight year old attempted to use his debit card. Apparently, children aren't supposed to learn money management? Given the comments we've gotten, people don't expect anything of children. Back to the story…

My boys triumphantly returned with three vanilla steamers and a few dollars in cash. Considering neither had cash going in, I thought I'd figure out their scheme and see if they couldn't rustle up some more dollar bills! I, for one, have never made cash on a coffee purchase.

As the story goes, the barista didn't understand the purchase order. Again, people don't pay attention to kids. Unfortunately, myself included. Simon said he very clearly ordered "Three small vanilla steamers." The barista rang them up as tall. Studying the receipt as my Genius is wont to do, he corrected the barista before he'd even started their order. "Excuse me. I said 'small,' not 'tall.' The fact that my kid knows there's a difference shows we patronize Starbucks a bit too often.

They got $2 in cash as a correction and out came the kid sized cups.

As they climbed into the car recounting the story, T yells out from the backseat, "This is DISGUSTING!"

Mr. Barista didn't add the vanilla. It was just a cup of steamed milk. Ew. In went Simon again.

This little lesson showed me so much about my boys.

They're growing up. :/
Simon is way more bold than I was as a kid.
Heck, he's more bold than I am as an adult.
He's watching everything and isn't too intimidated to call people out on mistakes.

Our coffee lesson was sidetracked by old people on ice. This ancient man parked next to me and as he stepped out of his car, I said, "Watch. He's gonna bust his tail." Not two seconds later he tried to scale a small mountain of snow to get into the gas station next to Starbucks. Down he went. Hard.

Poor guy was so embarrassed. As I picked him up off the ground, he would NOT look at me. It made hoisting him difficult. Luckily, a guy came over to help, but the little old man just wanted to jump up and run off. His legs wouldn't carry him, but he sure was trying.

Good times at Starbucks.

pre story: one of our best friends is a five year old girl that plays hockey. She is a legend in our house. Not only does she defy every girl stereotype, she's good at everything she does. Like her mom.

While we were talking about ice and how it gets more slippery the older you get, the boys brought up ice skating. Simon, to himself, "Maybe I'll be as awesome at ice skating as I am at roller skating."

He is his father's son. And neither are that good at roller skating. :D

Felix adds, "Boys can't ice skate. Only girls can ice skate!"
I rebutted, "Not true! Who do you think plays hockey?"
Felix answers quickly, "Emery!"-the aforementioned girl.
Titus adds, "I just don't know how she stays UP like that…"

I'm not really sure how she does it either. It's time to hit the skating rink.


Sean took Simon for a haircut. I haven't been doing a very fantastic job as the family stylist

Simon kept going on & on about the lady who cut his hair. She has a five year old, so she knew Lego-speak. He said, "I've just never had a lady talk and talk to me like that." I finally asked, "Was she pretty?" He shrugged his shoulders & with a smirk said, "She's already married." 

Well thank goodness for that.


Sean took the big three to see Frozen. 
I tried to force Jude's nap time to coincide.
He sniffed me out. He understood that I had an agenda in which he was not included.
He refused to go to sleep.
I mean re-fused.
I tried four times. And they were valiant efforts. I gave extra snuggle time. Waited this I was certain he was OUT before attempting to lay him down. No go x 4.
As I text complained to Sean about his littlest thwarting the only free time I've had in a looooong time, I also let it slip that Frozen is a musical. I didn't let it slip. I taunted him.

"Frozen is a musical. Sucker," is what I actually said.

They'd already missed the only showing on base anyhow, so they opted for dinner out and a later show at another theater. I thought for sure Jude would give it up at SOME POINT. Wrong. That boy skipped both naps.

And I learned during the many, many, many, many tries at getting that kiddo down that I would've been one of those complaining Israelites. The ones that complained about the manna from Heaven. I'm a big, fat whiner.  I'll leave it at that.


As he wasn't going to sleep and I wasn't going to spend my free time doing dishes, I decided to finally see what all this Downton Abbey fuss is about.

I'm hooked. :)


Since Sean told this story to our dinner guests last night, I figure it's suitable for ye olde blog. A few nights ago while washing diapers/working on pictures(laundry is just what I tell the people upstairs so I can sneak away-laundry room is next to my office area in the basement), Sean came down to check on me. My stories don't always fly with the people upstairs.

He hung out for a bit. Watched me scroll through and edit a picture or two. He tried to get cozy. Tussled my hair and tried to sneak in a kiss.

"There's a piece of dookie in the sink," I mentioned.

How quickly his arms dropped to his side as he said, "You always know just what to say."

Moral of the story: if you cloth diaper, buy a sprayer attachment for your toilet. A turd in a nasty, basement, utility sink is still a turd in a sink.


Perhaps I should buy that man a Valentine's Day present for putting up with me.


Several months ago, Titus mentioned at dinner, "One of my teachers at church always says 'Almond' when she's done praying."

If you've ever been for dinner, now you know why we all have a different closing. We take turns and mix up the nut, but we can't say just Amen anymore. It has to be Cashew or Walnut or Almond or Pecan. Sometimes we get a lil crazy and add in Coconut.


Jude is eleven months old today. I'm very much in denial about the fact that he has a birthday coming up. It just can't be so.


Eating an icicle. :)
 The one of whom I never get pictures…

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Jude said...

it can't be almost a year... Jude cannot be that old already!
I literally LOL's at the basement story. I can just hear Sean saying that to you.
I like that Simon knew to tell them about the coffee sizes. Mine would've taken the bigger ones without batting an eye ;) Did they end up getting them for free after they messed them up?!?!