Monday, March 10, 2014

First for the Last

I'm in denial. On his birthday cake, I only had them write "Jude," no "Happy Birthday."
 It just doesn't seem right that a year has passed. It could have something to do with the fact that he still wakes as often as a newborn. 
 He's a bit of a ham. He's not that happy, chubby baby that grins and babbles with every passer-by. In fact, the best way to describe him is: Sean. In a smaller body.
 He has no time for chitter chat. The picture below made me step back in time eleven years. He looks EXACTLY like Simon did at this age. All the way down to his little nostrils. 

 We are all smitten. Just flat out in love with the kid. 
 Happy Birthday, Judelet. 


Corey said...

I'm still finding it hard to believe that you have FOUR kids. Even though I clearly remember crying in Target when you texted me about this guy being on his way :) But to think he is A YEAR OLD ?? Already?? can't be. Just can't be.
Oh you guys make some pretty cute kids!
Happy Birthday Little Jude! xoxox

Jude said...

I love it. I mean, LOVE all these awesome memories you captured! SO great!! I never thought he looked like Simon, until now! He really does! I cannot wait to squeeze those cheeks!
On another note, your lighting is aces on those last few shots... we gotta talk settings soon ;)
love you. love your boys.
Happy Birthday Jude!
your "auntie jude" :)

nikih said...

Happy Birthday, little sweetie pie! You are already growing up to fast!