Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let them eat cake.

We thought about having a grand party for the Birthday Boy. I came to the conclusion(several, actually) that it would be more for us than for him. And he's one and wouldn't remember it. And I'd rather spend the money on a gift than food for other people. At one point, we finally decided to have a party honoring both the March and April birthday boys. 

"A BBQ!" I thought. 

Until I remember that we live in a land where Spring BBQs don't happen. 
No worries. Grandma arrived on Jude's birthday and who needs more than a Grandma to make your day glorious? 
 With the lighting of the candle, we officially had a birthday boy. 
 This set of brothers cracks me up. 
 Felix was mad about taking pictures in lieu of consuming sugar...
 Funny Simon...
 Titus giving him some final pointers...
 I love that he put his hand on the plate to keep it steady. :D

 "Dear Lord, I'd like to thank you for this cake.
<insert the flap of angel wings>

 Is there anything better than an icing smile?
 Rest assured, he shared his cake with his brothers and we all had a sugar-dy good time celebrating the birthday of our littlest boy. 

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