Saturday, March 08, 2014

on the couch.

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I started this little set as a way to watch Jude grow. In the end, it's not his outgrown shoes I'm noticing. These snapshots aren't perfect. The kids aren't wearing clothes I'd chose in any of them. There's a bit of blur in every single one of 'em. I usually get aggravated at some point during the taking of these. I huff and I puff and I ask why not one of them can cooperate and do something that is important to me.

One day, though, I'll forget all that and just see a series of snapshots of my boys during one of the most trying years of our lives as a family.

It all goes much too quickly...That said, I'm very ready for the next stage. The one where school is OVER and everyone sleeps.


Jude said...

September is one of my favorites... the nose picking! I love these boys!

Corey said...

I love this so much!