Tuesday, March 25, 2014


S-N-O-W is becoming a four letter word 'round these parts. 
As more white crap fell from the sky today, I went through these pictures and tried to conjure up the warmth I felt just days ago.

Ahhh, ocean.
I kinda wish Sean had joined the Navy. 
They got all the good duty stations.

Moving on. 
I took a trip with the boys to visit family. 
And to visit warmth if I'm being perfectly honest.

My brother in law kept the big three along with his own brood of hooligans so the girls could experience the beach with just one male present. 
He's the only one that doesn't resist outlet shopping.

Thankfully, we got a few warm days at the beach before a cold chilly front moved in. 
 Ms. Lauren has a birthday two days after Jude.
 He doesn't like the beach. 
 Even here he was crying.
 And here.

 The next day, we tried again. He still hated it. 
 He's the only child of ours not born in the Carolinas. I knew being born in DC would make him uppity. ;)

I see now why people choose the Carolinas as a travel destination. 

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Corey said...

Your pictures are beautiful!
I think Jude must only be crying because you had the audacity to put him down. On the ground! haha! oh he's cute though :)