Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My boy with the shifty eyes and cowlick that nothing can keep down.
 My boy that has officially entered the fake grin stage.
 My boy with moods that swing very high and very low in a very short period of time. He's a very dramatic one when his heart hurts. He's a very giggly boy when funny is on his side. Sean had him in a fit of giggles at a restaurant the other day just by whispering the word "Poop" in his ear over and over. Charming. 
 My boy who still loves his Beet and sleeps with it every night. 
 My boy who loves to share and is constantly giving stuff away. He's also a big trader. Though, he tends to break things and then ask for his original item back. You've been warned: do not trade with Tito.
 My boy that asks(nags) for stuff a bazillion times if he doesn't get what he wants immediately. 
 My boy who yells, "NO, JUDE!" at the top of his lungs at the first hint of his brother doing anything he deems dangerous.
 My boy who doesn't really have his own current trend type loves. He just kinda goes along with whatever his big brothers like. 
 My boy who will forever be stuck at two in my mind. 
 My boy. This one. Tito Burrito.
Is officially five.


Corey said...

it absolutely can not be. I can't believe it! Happy Birthday Titus!!

Jude said...

you are making me covet the crisp, sharp images of the 50mm 1.4
My 1.8 is really struggling to focus these days :(