Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hocking Hills: day 1

We used this guys birthday as just the excuse we needed to take a vacation. Everybody around here recommends Hocking Hills as a destination and now we know why! It is such a beautiful area. It was just the right amount of wear everybody out and truly hang out with the kiddos. The only toys we brought: a pack of clay, balloons, and plastic eggs. The clay was a hit x 3 days. I will be buying more SOON.

Not real sure what his face was about here, but it obviously wasn't lack of chocolate...
 Our first stop after scaling a mountain to get to our cabin was Old Man's Cave. 

Cliffs. Water. Stairs. No rails. I was a bit nervous...

 "Be spontaneous. Let them do it!"-he said. 
"I only brought one pair of shoes for all of them."-I rebutted.
"It'll be fine."-he said.
"Fine. No complaints! I mean it. NONE."-I said.

Nobody listened when I said it would only take a second to take their shoes off and go barefoot. Yet, somehow, they heard, "Roll up your pant legs."

 The cave was their destination. It was also the destination of a lovely young couple...Pretty sure we nipped some baby makin' in the bud. If not by the three small people interrupting, then by the three small people acting in ways that small people tend to act when confronted by an area of nature that needs to be dominated. 
 His skinny, little ankles crack me up.

 This guy just didn't even try. 

 Nor did he care.

 The wet shoes? They complained about 'em. To me. For two solid days.
 And on day one we all learned just how out of shape we are. So we went back to our cabin and celebrated with hotdogs. We all went insane for the lips and bootyholes in intestine linings because we haven't had hotdogs in years. YEARS. In fact, the last time we had hotdogs was on Tito's third birthday. Even though these were $6, nitrate/nitrite/MSG/lips and bootyhole free hotdogs...indulging was not a good idea. 

Day 2, coming up!

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Jude said...

I love love love these photos!
I cannot believe he Titus is five. FIVE!! love these boys! :)