Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hocking Hills: day 2

The warmest day of the year, so far! It was beautiful. Our first stop was Ash Cave. 

 And then Rock House, which is technically the only cave in the entire seven parks in the Hocking Hills area. This park was full of deadly, steep cliffs and I was more than anxious the entire hike.

 Once we made it into the caves, I relaxed a little...until Sean decided it was okay for them to explore. All I could think of was falling children. The two middles took off towards an opening in the cave and I was relaxed enough to let them go see what was at the top of the opening. Sean had already exited the cave with Simon and Jude and he said calmly with a warning that only parents understand, "Get them now. It's a straight drop." I still feel sick to my stomach when my mind pulls up just how steep of a drop it was...

 After conquering two parks, we decided to reward ourselves with more camp food. 
 Titus and Felix finally understand photobombing and it's a riot to have them jump in the middle of 99% of my pictures.
 Felix caught some uber flattering mid-chew pictures...

 And then we passed the night away with making Jude giggle. 

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rhonda: alpha dog said...

Uh oh! I see muscles! That Jude is giving you a workout. :-D